Who do you want to learn/get better with?

I believe there is always room to improve my Cinder, Fulgore and Riptor. and since we got changes coming I’ll be doing that that.

Wen it comes to new characters, I might try Arbiter and learn him.

Improve: Jago and Shadow Jago.
Learn: Rash, Tusk, Kim, TJ, Spinal (Or Glacius). [In that order]

Improve: Shago, Glacius, Kan
Learn: Kim Wun, Mira

Improve: Maya, orchid and aria
Learn: Kim, tusk and mira

Well I am hoping to learn the new Jago, Orchid and Sabrewulf, and rest of the classic characters but those are my top 3.
I dont have an XB1, so I am pretty new to this game, I only know the classic games.

Everyone who I play:

Spinal, Thunder, Riptor, & Aganos

Improve: Jago and Fulgore.
Learn: Glacius and Tusk. I admire good Glacius players. I dont even get salty when I lose to one because I enjoy watching his playstyle so much.

Honestly, I just need to improve my improvisation abilities when going into predator stance with Riptor. I seem to stick to using MP, LP, and LK. When I should be using HP and HK more.

That, and manuals. I’m good at doing them after jumping normals, but it’s harder to do them after a linker.

Shadow Jago so I can actually show off his exclusive colors :stuck_out_tongue:

Well since I am new to the new KI, I have a lot to learn, I am happy that Jago has that around the world capability.

I’d like to get better with some of my secondary characters like Sadira or Jago and TJ Combo. Arbiter too cause a friend of mine likes my Youtube uploads of Arbiter.

Want the improve my Rash neutral.

Really want to learn ARIA.