We Need More Nez Perce

The good thing about it too is unlike with the original Thunder 20 or so years from now people aren’t going to be able to point at KI (3) and say the Native American characters in the game are racist stereotypes and at best be waved off as at best a product of it’s time and at worst set up as an example of how insensitive the video game industry to cultural diversity or some bullsh*t.


There is something ironic about this post of yours. It has an attitude of “good, KI has respected the Indian viewpoint here” while simultaneously saying that the best part about it actually isn’t that they acknowledged past indiscretions with depictions of the Indians, its that now we don’t have to hear about whining from those who take issue with that very indiscretion.

See what I’m saying?

Yeah, I get what you’re saying. Honestly I’ve been hearing a lot of drama lately about people that take being sensitive to stuff like that waaay too far, like people in the SJW groups that look to get people fired from their jobs because they made an off-colored tweet. I was mostly referring to them.

In all honesty political correctness isn’t my forte, and I don’t claim to be the most stellar example of a culturally sensitive person, but it is nice to see they found a way to have Thunder and Eagle represent the Nez Perce the way they have.

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Respect for their culture should be mandatory. I get that people now think that being ‘politically incorrect’ is cool and proper. But in reality, it’s just another way of saying you’re disrespectful. Furthermore, it’s usually projected upon minority groups and the female gender. When we start treating people as inferior to ourselves or grossly generalizing a population, we have lost the argument already.

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So, more Nez Perce it is. Add that Wendigo already!


In my opinion it started long before Asian market became a primary consideration. Thing is fighting games are as close to martial arts theme as it gets, and Asia was (and in some ways still is) the prime source of MA popularization. It’s not really surprising that a lot of games have chosen to represent Asian martial cultures a lot.

On topic: I think that KI don’t really have to focus on this particular theme much further. I think that devs did a great job in this installment, making effort to design less grotesque and much more elegant representation of classical KI character and his formerly poorly presented brother who nevertheless was always (or almost always?) a part of the story. It was a great way to kill two birds with one stone IMO.

I must admit that some ideas ITT do a good job selling the concept (a female fighter of the same theme would be a distinctive character, for one - and of woefully underrepresented in modern media type at that), but at the same time you have to agree it sounds strange: “Hey, we have already two representatives of this cultural group and no representation of countless other groups whatsoever, surely it’s the former who needs more representation”.

But if you want to walk down this road, I think talking a look to the north like someone suggested ITT would be a nice compromise between diversification of the themes and paying more attention to native American theme.

Wendigos are not from Nez Perce culture.

But from the Algonquin rather, if I remember correctly?

That is correct, who are spread out in parts of the US and Canada.

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