Update 3.5 Showcase (Gold & Terror skins?)

If they give you gold/sp for playing and finishing Shadow Lords, it would greatly boost the mode population.

Makes me wish for some short of “faction” play between characters. Like, you could align with Ultratech, Night Guard, and Gargos. Every point you get playing Shadow lords goes also for your faction. Each week, one faction wins, getting rewards for their supporters. So, every player is competing against their opposite faction players

That would boost Shadow Lords even more

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The euphemistic word would be “incentivised”.
The prices for Shadow skins sounds a bit high, but they’re giving us new ways to earn them so I’m definitely down with that. Plus accessorizing?? Awesome.
Can’t wait to get more info on the Gold and Terror skins.
By the way, was Watcher the only Guardian released this time around?

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Edited, thank you kindly

What’s the Watcher buff?

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I guess what Adam said all those months ago about “shaders” was true, there are going to be a lot of them. Green, purple, gold and probably red that we’re aware of.

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Its the one that was previewed in the last Textual Stream, the Block Breaker Guardian.

@BblackorchidD is that one of the Gold skins?


Mmmmm, I would put black for terror.


Although red is cool.



Thanks man!

The skulls seems kinda buggy(they appear and then disappear and appear again), but seems cool.

I have no audio right now, but I assume he laughs XD

They still didn’t fix kims ultra :frowning:

I might not have enough. Lol. Looks like I’m only getting 4 skins :joy:

How did you get the gold skins to show? :no_mouth:

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I have a better question: whatever he did, try it again to get the Terror skins XD


Still no omen and shago stuff oh man but I was looking foreword to it.

Terror skins are blank I went in to select a shadow match
in shadow lab and it came.up

Kim’s gold skin is just naturally visible but doesn’t seem to be unlockable. Fully gold in default outfit.

A few characters have visible gold skins, just seen Jago’s.

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So you can currently view some characters Terror skins (Riptor for example) and everyone’s Gold. Guests don’t have those two btw. Just go into Character Select and you can see for yourself.

Cinder’s mimic was updated so it’s not orange/green anymore. I greatly prefer it this way.

I can’t right now :frowning:
How are the terror skins?

Some characters show their gold and terror skins. I don’t know if that’s a bug, or if the store not showing them is a bug. Right now Jago, Saberwulf, Orchid, Maya, TJ Combo, & Kim Wu show gold skins in character select. As well as Fulgore, Riptor, & Mira show terror skins in character select.