Training dummy doesn't block mids?

I’m trying to practice my Kim Wu mixups so I set the training dummy to block low. The only things the dummy actually blocks are,, and Everything else hits, which makes me feel like for some reason when I set it to block low it doesn’t block mids as well. Does anybody else have this problem? Or am I just missing something?

Do you have it set to Always Block? I’m no expert with regards to Practice mode, but I think if you don’t set it to Always Block it uses the AI difficulty settings to determine if/when to block something.

I’m not using Block All because my intent was to just practice mixing up my opponent with overheads. I also did set the AI to the hardest (Kyle) and it didn’t start blocking mids at all.

Mids aren’t lows, so an AI set to block low won’t block mids. Set it to “block high” if you want it to catch mids.

Isn’t “Always Block” part of the “AI/Difficulty” selector, and block high/low on another? With my ~15 minutes spent in Practice I can’t say for certain, but that’s how I remember it.

I thought you could set the block location and whether it chose to block separately from each other.

That’s because those are her only low attacks. Everything else she does hits mid, high, or overhead. :wink:

But why wouldn’t the training dummy block mids when I set it to block low? After all, that is how blocking low works by definition in fighting games, it also blocks mids. Why would it be different here?

Again, take this with a grain of salt because I have limited understanding of Practice mode.

I believe the dummy reads your inputs, and sees whether your inputs result in a high/mid/low attack, then blocks accordingly. So if you’re doing down+lk, the system knows it’s a low and blocks low if you have told it to block lows. If you’re throwing a mid attack it doesn’t read it as a low, and as such doesn’t block. I don’t think it’s holding down-back before you’re throwing a low at it.

OK I see, that is a good explanation. In that case I think I could just record the dummy to down-back and get the same result that I was looking for.


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Yeah, if you just want it to crouch block, then making a recording of it crouch blocking is probably the best way to go about that.