The little things in KI

What are some of the little details that you enjoy or annoy you. Figure we could talk about things others may not have noticed.
For me the thing that drives me insane on retro jago is that his sword clips through his sash on his intro.
One thing I thought was awesome and sadly just noticed yesterday is in sadiras stage you can see her assasians dressed in all white in the top left corner of the map. Idk how I never noticed this till now.

The clipping between Shago’s sword and chains. The sword should most definitely be inside the chains, not outside.

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Clipping drives me insane. I love the dynamic music though. So, so good.


Something I’ve noticed about the shadow brain statistics. When you play a round and get a perfect using no defense and all offense, your defense does not receive a penalty. But because you didn’t take any damage, you don’t build any instinct meter. At the end of the round you’ll see in the stats that your instinct use has gone down 2 percent.

How are you supposed to use your instinct if you didn’t build any meter?

Well the devs did tell us that uploading perfects and rounds where we completely destroy the opponent is a bad idea, that’s one of the reasons why.

I have a similar topic, there are a lot of good ones in there.

Also it got moved from general to feedback, so be wary.

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The anti aliased rock that falls in the center of assassins cave during ultra.

I still hate jago’s new hair.

It just seems unfair, being punished for something you couldn’t do if you wanted too

I dont like that jago is a No risk, High reward char, dude is plus on everything, op overhead, op double roundhouse, infinite blockstrings in instinct mode, builds meter like he is on steroids, super big fireballs, did I forget the almighty yolo windkick ? I still love ki tho but they need to nerf jago

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You can Shadow Counters against them… It’s very easy. :slight_smile:

This is part of why I try to record literally every match I do with Sabrewulf (that and I’m entirely too honest), and also why I think all data for a shadow should be saved automatically, rather than just choice matches.
If a Shadow is going to emulate its human creator, it should be able to imitate them in all of their forms. Whether I get a perfect or get nearly perfected, whether I’m doing one chance manuals, sick juggles, or even just B&B combos (or sweep spamming ;P), I want my Shadow to be as much like me as possible, and have as much info to work with as I can give it.

That’s Semi-Related to the topic, I guess. Right?
I’ve already talked more in @xCrimsonLegendx 's thread.

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I love Shadow Labs mode, love the bounty system, but I’m sad that once I select a bounty to fight (either intentionally or accidentally), that replay is gone forever.

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Amen to that. The fireballs are also the easiest executed and most spammed move of any character. Not that I want the controls to be built and complex no. I guess my beef is with the style of jago fighters. Every time I fight a jago, they will hang out on the otherwise of the screen and hide behind a crap ton of fireballs and never growly engage the other fighter. I’ve always seen that as a display of a lack of skill. Just like arguing with a camper in halo.

I like shadow lab too. It feels like there’s more to do now. Although, and I know this is more of a problem for MS then for IG, but unless you have a microphone (and I have a 3 year old so my corded headset isn’t very smart, and don’t have room for a Kinect) using the DVR is very akward.

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I’ve noticed that shadow labs never records my quickrises. It’s stuck at 0% for both my shadows and I definitely quickrise.

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People playing ranked on f******** wireless connections. Get a real connection, you bums

That problem has always been there. I’ve complained about it a number of times. I even had to ask how to do a quick rise, I was told to hit any attack button as soon as my back his the deck on soft knock down, but that didn’t seem to work. Even if you do execute a quick rise (which the game doesn’t tell you if you did it right) I don’t think shadow lands is recording that data.

getting demolished by my own shadow.

Aside from that, I absolutely love that we can challenge our own shadows and see a potential match, also you can learn what to improve against certain characters.

Through testing, I gained knowledge how to fare better against spammers like shago slides and dp Jago’s, punish orchid whiffs & work a corner like never before.

I like the fact TJ Combo has both a Dive and Kick costume.

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