The Killer Instinct Community Dojo

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the forums, or if you are a veteran of the forums, I welcome you as well. :grinning:

We really want our community to feel welcome and able to feel like they are at home here on the forums. Killer Instinct has such a diversity of characters with unique play styles that may leave a person feeling overwhelmed on what character they would like to play. Some of the most asked questions on the forums is:

“Where do I start with this character?”
“How do I do the advanced stuff?”
“What the heck is that person doing!?”

Well fear no more! This thread is here to help those people wishing to get better, or improve their game, and more! But it gets better.

The community themselves will help. The veterans of KI will be will willing to help, and train you with your character of choice! These Mentors will be willing to play, offer knowledge and overall have a good time. They are the ones that know their character, are very efficient and will share lots of knowledge that will help you up your game.

New Players! There will be a list of “Mentors” that have volunteered to help the community improve, and grow closer. Feel absolutely free to talk and ask advice in the thread, ask to meet with a Mentor, and more importantly, have fun.

Veteran players! Feel free to ask here too, if you need more help! Multiple Heads are better than one.

Good Luck, and FIGHT ON!

(Mentors that are willing to volunteer, please post in the thread your forum name and at at Max 3 characters you play.)



Kim Wu, Jago, TJ Combo.

NOTICE: If you want to tag a specific Mentor, please use the @ Symbol after the name to let them know! For Example, if you wanted to tag me, it would be done as:


#List of Available Mentors:

  • TheNinjaOstrich
    Kim Wu, Jago, TJ Combo

  • oTigerSpirit
    Jago, Rash, General RAAM

  • Crainiak24
    General RAAM, Aganos, Kan-Ra

  • Saskue99I
    Fulgore, Hisako, Arbiter

  • GalacticGeek
    Aganos, Thunder, Eyedol

  • BigBadAndy
    Glacius, Tusk, Kim Wu
    #Available Resources to view:

Infilament’s Complete Guide to Killer Instinct!

Superman Sajam’s YouTube Channel! Has breakdowns and knowledge of the KI Cast:

UA Bass’s Channel. Uploads High level KI videos near every day!

Please help me fill this section up! :smiley:

The OP will be updated due to changes in Mentors, information and such. Will be updated soon with some resources you can also check out from the community.

Given permission by @ZDhome to make a new and improved one!


Well, right on! Does this mean that the KI Academy is closing down?

Master Tiger: Jago, Rash, and RAAM.

I wouldn’t say closing. I would say…

Under new management with a fresh coat of paint? :slight_smile:

Added to List of Mentors.

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I can be a mentor for:
Omen, RAAM, Aganos, Kan Ra

Pick your Top 3. :slight_smile: Or are they in order?

I guess you can exclude Omen then

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Thanks! Added to list of Mentors.

Off topic, I don think I’ve ever fought your RAAM! I didn’t know you had one. :slight_smile:

In that case, thanks for spearheading this! I know @ZDhome has been dealing with stuff so his priorities needed to be focused elsewhere.

In any event, I’m glad to see this back for people who may need help but can’t seem to get a response from anyone.

I will suggest adding it to the OP that if anyone needs help to go ahead and @ the person they need help from oppose to just saying, “I need help with Shago!”. That way we can see it and answer questions or offer help asap.

Sasuke 99I:Fulgore,Hisako,Arbiter.

Good idea! Added to the OP. That’s cool. I think I’ll do that, so like you said, we can just get tagged and such. I guess from there, Gamertags can be shared.

@Sasuke99I, Added you to list of mentors.

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Nice to see this set up, after me bumping the academy page :grin: Good work @TheNinjaOstrich

I dont consider myself good enough with a character to train someone, but I might make use of some of the teachers here to improve my characters :sunglasses:

On that note, can any of you guys go a few rounds with me soon and give me advice on what I can improve about my basics (jumping/use of dashing/defense/etc). I feel I’m pretty decent with certain characters but I’m just not quite there yet, I feel I make too many avoidable mistakes and they are not necesarily bound to any characters playstyle…

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Well, what ever you need, we can help with. What is a character you enjoy?

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Aww, you didn’t add me from the outset? :frowning:


Galactic Geek
Aganos, Thunder, and Eyedol.

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I cannot mentor someone to become a high level player. But I am happy to talk about basic matchup advice and some things to work on with different characters. If there’s three characters I am best with its probably:

Glacius, Tusk, and Kim-Wu a very distant third.

Like I said, no promises of excellent coaching but I’m happy to help out where I can.


This is a great idea to bring this back. This can do nothing but good for the community.

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Thanks! I’m glad you think so! :smiley:

@BigBadAndy, did you still want to be put up on the list of Mentors?

I mostly play Mira or Fulgore, with some Aganos and Hisako on the side.

Nice to see this back.

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Yeah, sure.

Anybody to help with my ARIA?