The "GGs" Thread! (AKA The Enormous Matchmaking and Rational Beef Resolution Thread)

If you folks want my help, I am down for the cause!

I was planning to organise a lobby next weekend (not this friday/saturday but the following one). We can arrange a time together listing the major time zones to make sure that everyone who wants to can get along and then just battle it out, chat and hopefully have a good time. How does this sound for everyone?


Count me in, sir! :smile:

I’ll try my best to crash the party. Like Rash!

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Count me in too, as Finals will be done and over with! Woo!

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I will be happy to set up a separate topic for this lobby if anyone feels that would be better. In the lobby I will raise the question of the Killer Instinct Community guide as well, which I am still looking for help with by the way if anyone’s interested.

If as many of you can bring mics/headsets along as well, that would be good so we can all have a general laugh, chat and just have an all round enjoyable but competitive experience.

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I just played a set with a friend of mine whom I hadn’t played with in a long time - his GT is BlueKommander. Now, I normally wouldn’t do this, but I honestly think he’s a cheater. You see, I played well over 20 matches with him and he ALWAYS broke my ADs no matter what strength I used and NEVER fell for any counterbreakers that I threw out. I’m not asking you to report him or anything like that, but just do me a favor and fight him for me - feel free to tell him I sent you (just don’t tell him why) to see it for yourself, and then report back to me. I think he may be using a modded console or something that auto-breaks or auto-counters when he needs it. I know there are good players out there, but I’ve NEVER seen anyone who can combo-break like he can. It drove me crazy, moreso than when I fought the 2 of you… Scary, I know, right!?

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I will be there.

I will do it. Does he break linkers as well? If he doesn’t and breaks just Ads,use manuals.

Sorry, think I’ll pass on this one. If he is cheating then that’s on him, but I don’t feel any particular need to go looking for evidence of it.

I did go through the trouble of saving the replays from me and Sasuke’s set the other day though. Currently trying to render and upload them through upload studio, so hopefully I’ll be able to get those to @Marbledecker to be posted to YouTube later tonight.

@Sasuke99I, let me know if you don’t want your GT to appear in those matches, and I’ll see what I can do about blacking it out or something. I do want to post the matches though, because (1) it was a pain in the butt recording them all :grin: and (2) because your play style is something I think Hisako players should be aware of. We share a lot of tech and MU-specific knowledge in the Hisako sub-forum, and I think it’d be nice to have a video available about dealing with runaway and extreme zoning.

I don’t mind:) You can leave it there.

Hey @GalacticGeek. Do you have free time? We can play MKX later.

Be careful Geek! Kev is very good at MKX. I was getting bodied the first 45 min or so, but I started to warm up and learn MKX again. Kev consistently was able to beat me with most of the cast except for Johnny Cage (My Main), and Sub Zero, but Sub Zero Mirrors are very hard to fight. He beat me with those characters as well, but I gave him a hard time with those characters.

GG’s Kev, by the way! I’m gonna see if I can get My Kenshi & Jason back into play!

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Your Jason is very amazing! my Predator and your Jason is very fun matches, i’ve enjoyed!! But you should learn and practice with Kenshi.

I did use manuals - that situation is a bit better, but he wises up quickly…

He agreed to a fight. I did make up an excuse to fight him. I said you wanted me to fight him and you said you were pretty good. He isn’t in the mood for KI right now though. I have a request though. Can you watch the fight if I can ask him to allow it?

Sorry; I went to my 2nd of 5 Christmas parties tonight… :sweat_smile:

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I was about to tell you that I could body Kev, but then I realized you were talking about MKX… Yeah, I think most people will kick my butt, simply because I haven’t even gotten used to the run mechanic to perform certain juggles yet (I hate the buttons for that mechanic BTW - it makes no sense compared to, say, characters that can run in KI).

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Are we talking about my friend here?

Of course. I want you to watch it the fight if he allows it.