The Complete Killer Instinct Guide ( [All post-S3 chars added!]

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Then how come I can’t look up the frame data for Aganos’ finger-flick, among other “normal” moves then?

The frame data for finger flick is in the game. 6 frames of start up, 2 active, 13 recovery, +4 on hit, -3 on block. Whether that’s accurate idk.

I’ve looked for it in the moves list though, and it’s not there. Did you find it in the attack data? I almost never use that because I find it so hard to understand to begin with…

Yes, attack data shows you everything. And it’s not hard to understand, Cstyles pretty much explained it perfectly in the hotboxes thread:

…but I went into the lab, performed a bunch of finger-flicks and got the very same info that’s shown in the above screenshot - nothing. You’d think it’d at least still show the attack speed and attack properties on whiff.

I’ll get to Aganos eventually. :wink:

So don’t count the frame where the 2nd character enters pre-jump, correct?

All that matters is the difference between the jumps. Find out when the first character enters a recognizable jump frame, then hit the right arrow and count 1, 2, 3 etc until you see the other character enter that same frame.


"#)"s are frames

  1. 1st character enters pre-jump
  2. 2nd character enters pre-jump

This is 2 frames of advantage?

Jump at same time = 0 advantage
Player A jumps on frame 1, B on very next frame = +1f advantage
Player A jumps on frame 1, B two frames later = +2f advantage

and so on

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Sounds like my kinda thread :wink:

Attack box data only shows on hit. Set the dummy to “jump” and anti-air him with flick, and you’ll get your answers on its frame data.

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I already figured this out on my own, but thanks anyways.

General Raam:

Weaknesses: fat man

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Shouldn’t it say,

Weaknesses: Delta Squad?


Even better XD

I can already see Infil during EVO:

-Well, Gargos page it’s almost done, and Rash and Raam are almost finished too, so if the last character it’s a simple one I can at last finish my…
Eyedol it’s announced
-… ■■■■ it’s 3 characters in one! Two stances and one combined! IG please!

BTW hope you enjoyed EVO man, you have been missed around here during this days! Good luck with the guide! You are doing an awesome job!


Ask the people who were talking to me in the saucy suite, lol.