The Arbiter’s Trailer

I’m a Halo fan, have beaten them all, and play Halo 5 MP a TON. So I’m obviously completely cool with Arbiter being in there. He’s probably even more BA than Chief. Just an all around good character.

deadpool cinder costume accessories confirmed lol jk

was arbiter black in halo? just curious

just give him a bunch of weapons and stop him from burning and ding! Deadpool is in KI.

Fruck deadfool, Spawn is so much better and badass!

Arbiter is the same in KI as he is in Halo…an Alien.

I’m kinda deadpooled out actually…idc for the character anymore now honestly…movie wa good tho

Just to quell a few of the theories floating around here: The Arbiter in the game is an amalgamation of Arbiters past. It is not Thel 'Vadam. It is the idea of the Arbiter, though Thel’s recognizable armor set is displayed in this trailer. And that’s all I will say on that!

Frankie had a few words to say about it on Gaf. If you do not know who Frankie is, imagine him as the Ken Lobb of the Halo universe.


Can we just say it’s Arbiter just that it isn’t cannon what so ever. I get it, you guys are trying to protect the Halo cannon like the female Spartan in Dead or Alive. No need to make it more complicated than it is. He won’t even be in any of the stories.

Just saying he isn’t cannon in KI is better than this “he is the spirit of every arbiter past present and future and that’s why his voice is different,.” Just say “The Arbiter is in KI, no he isn’t canon he is just in the game because I said so”


Were it so ea…

I mean uh…

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I’ll let myself out.


Ehhhhh knowing that he’s just generic Arbiter instead of Thel Vadam kind of ruins it for me. I want to play as him not someone else.
(The irony looking back at my initial playthrough of Halo 2 and “I want to play as him not someone else” was my exact reaction when I first started playing the Arbiter instead of the Chief.)

The Arbiter is in the game…it just happens to be all the Arbiters :wink:

PS: I’m partial to the Arbiter from the “Halo Legends” anime.

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Oh wow! I enjoy knowing stuff like this. It’s obvious there was a change of direction for the voice. I assume between teaser and trailer it was decided to make Cinder sound playful-cocky rather than sinister-cocky?

  • never played a Halo game so have no idea who Arbitor is or what he’s about
  • iffy on Killer Instinct becoming cross-over central
  • but looks kinda cool for a Killer Instinct character I guess

He’s an alien monster…

Hm, Thel retro?

Just have to say that seems like a weird direction to take it. An arbiter talking about taking down Truth and fighting the Flood is pretty darn specific actually :confused:

Just use the same sort of silly non-logic they used to have Nicole in Dead or Alive. We’ll accept having Thel fighting a giant toad in the middle of Chicago with a collection of convenient outfits and accessories on hand because “reasons” - but don’t call him a generic Arbiter and then have direct callouts to Thel’s story arc. That’s just being silly. :smirk:


No, that’s what I’m trying to make clear. It’s the same guy. Same recording session. There was no change. Cinder was always arrogant. He read the tease slightly more malicious simply because that was right for his character’s entrance.


That’s OK. “Generic” Arbiter or not, People will still play him. I know I’ll try him out. And Rash. And My Main Kim…

(Too many Epic characters in S3 Launch O.o)

Well Done IG

Lol. I’ve got nothing against it - it being Thel or not isn’t particularly important to me. Just seems a weird thing to quibble over given the actual trailer dialogue.

Don’t let @GrimBrotherOne hear you saying that! He will have some words about the importance of canon, and just how serious he takes it! :stuck_out_tongue: