Shadow Lords new ideas!

shadow lords it really like, makes KI a deep and long-lived game, so I decided to design something good, I hope it is of help to the IG.

New guardian: Rhino!
Rhino damage the opponent when it blocks our attacks!

  • Normal: damage only the energy bar;
  • Rare: damages energy bar and shadow bars
  • Epic and Killer: damages energy bar, shadow bars and instinct bar!
    Killer Rhino inflict the same damage of a successful hit when the opponent block our attacks.
    “remember, if an opponent has equipped Rhino, do not defend yourself, attack!”

Chronos slows your opponent!

  • Normal: slows the opponent’s walk, both forward and backward;
  • Rare: slow walking and the opponent’s bullets;
  • Epic and Killer: slows the walk, the bullets and the opponent jumps.
    the slowing effect lasts a few seconds on the strength of the guardian and activates after an ender.
    the slowdown of the bullets is very useful, the bullets are really slow and you can easily jump to avoid them. The slowed jump instead is very similar to the lunar gravity, an opponent who jumps becomes an easy target and at Anti-Air risk.

the effect of slowing down scale 50% of its power while the opponent strikes, this allows the opponent to briefly stem the curse, but instead allows us to break more easily its combo as slower than normal.

“the deceleration time increases with the strength of the guardian.”


Wow, these are very overpowered. But i like the card concepts, amazing work on them.

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these are the four lost guardians. Together with Eyedol.

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I like the Rino Guardian. It is a good analog to the Fury perk that the Mimics get.

Not so sure about the Chronos Guardian though, anything that slows the game down like the…I’m just not sure how I like that. Reminds me of Reptile from MKX, but that game doesn’t have breakers like KI. something like that would CRAZILY throw off balance, but then again, the Shadow Lords mode isn’t about balance.

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kan-Ra slows opponents …

Very true! I didn’t even think about that. Does Kan-ra’s slow down affect auto-doubles and all that?

I love both these ideas. They are reminiscent of the old button cheats codes without the penalty that next Gen consoles and developers would impose. The rhino would just make you feel like a boss, and chronos would give me a chance to get a slow mo view of gargos knocking me off screen without the hassle of making a YouTube video.

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I still have no idea what the watcher will do or when he will show up. Bit that would leave one more guardian post to fill if my count is correct. Any suggestions for him?

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Today I noticed this …

then I have no idea what to expect …

Just a PSA, there was a brief moment when the names of all the upcoming Guardians were made available. It was in the official change list at the end of the Beta.

The names are The Watcher (the beholder looking thing), The Tiger (the tiger skull), The Astral Tiki (the dude), and The Owl.

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These 2 videos are bugged? (world)