Shadow Lords are frustrating

Im having some trouble against the new AI too. I destroyed the game on the beta…but now on challenging its tough man… my other 2 team mates always git killed and I got wrecked by Gargos…I only got to fight 1 Omen…I beat him easy…but the Orchids, SPinals, Sadiras, ect… oh man they just light me up!

It was fun at first but now it just feels like a chore that I have to go through to get the Astral plane unlocked…its not fun anymore… it has its moments but over all it takes too long.

If I get astral plane unlocked…and it doesnt unlock like some have said is happening right now…Im going to be super pissed off!

From what I understand one issue is apparently some people are shutting the game off as soon as it unlocks and not exiting out of the mode properly & that’s one reason why it’s not staying unlocked. When mine finally unlocked I stuck around on the game for awhile, played some ranked, checked around on various modes, & it stayed unlocked. I’d suggest anyone else do the same. It might help :wink:

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There might be something to that. When I unlocked it, I started a new team and played a couple days before I looked to see if it unlocked. My stage is fine. It unlocked like it should have. Maybe some are shutting the game off before the game can update that the stage has really been unlocked. They are turning off before the game updates itself.

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If all you want is the stage, then PM me and I will explain how i did it. Your skill is the same as mine, if not better.

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If your only intent is to beat it and unlock the stage, then you are better off skipping your turns, only fighting Omens to debuff Gargos, and then using your resources to fight him with a full team.

(Keep in mind if you are skipping turns, you may have to fight a few selective fights to lower corruption so you can fight each Omen)


Though, i like to argue that grinding for that sick Killer tier pack for fighting the Omen’s and Gargos’ is a good strategy as well. Then I would do what your saying above.

Im genuinely scared of playing SL. Played it for 3 evenings in a row, now I jumped for some exhibition and got demolished because I got used to psychic breaker.

Fk this crap.

Thanks guys!
@SadisticRage76 Ill hit you up as soon as I get some time.

Thanks friends!

@Zcythe I skipped turns but it went beyond the Omens. I fought 1 Omen…destroyed him. Then 1 day later Gargos arrived… then like Dark Souls…YOU.DIED

Heh, yeah you can skip a lot to avoid unnecessary losses, but you do need to manage the corruption and not let it get to high until you’ve fought each Omen to debuff Gargos.

I used the St worms worm thing…LOL…thats where I messed up

Just do not use The ram, it’s by far the worst guardian.

I love the ram. It is my go to guardian. It can help alot when it comes to Omen and Gargos and their “out of nowhere combos”

I think it depends on how you use them. For example, fractured ward is particularly effective against the Omen that parries.

I loved the FW during the Beta. Now it needs to charge, and one good combo from Omen, and it’s gone. I might feel different if i had a killer FW. Currently my best FW is a non-prefect rare card

Ah, I have a perfect rare FW, starts with 2 stacks, gets 1 every 5 secs, and absorbs 70% damage, all while providing +35% to damage and +30% to defense. I can’t imagine what a perfect killer FW would offer.

I’m kind of puzzled by people saying that SL is twisting players’ arm to buy the micro-transactions. It didn’t take me long to beat it on Challenging and I only started with like 3 low-tier guardians and a couple common consumables from the beta. I didn’t buy a single micro-transaction and I think the difficulty is pretty well-balanced right now.

If you use all your resources smartly and manage risk well, SL is manageable.

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Actually Omen was kinda free in my opinion. I was putting my whole team against him expecting tough challenge and he lost to my Tusk. Just throw into fully charged B+HP, stagger ender, repeat.