Shadow jago is op (nerf please)

Someone please tell me in what world is Shadow Jago a fair character. He is OP asf. He can juggle you forever, all players do is spam projectiles. He can shoot 1 before the other one goes away, so in a sense he is shooting 2 projectile constantly at you. Spamming teleportation over and over and projectiles, and juggle you to death with combos. You guys took a perfectly fine game and destroyed it with OP chaacters. It doesn’t make sense to play this game anymore. Also you guys added what is like a extra special on top of the other shadow specials, why are you doing things to ruin a decent game. I played someone who has Shadow Jago there is a 85% chance I am going to lose the match. It just doesn’t make any sense. Why in the world would they put such a character in a game and not nerf all his moves. Sigh I am from the old KI days Snes and N64, this new game doesn’t make sense. I had this game for over a year, it was fine prior to a few months back when they added Shadow Jago and the added updates, this game is literally broken. Characters doesn’t match up well and some are so OP it doesn’t make sense playing. They are trying so hard to make this game easy for everyone, if that means adding OP characters and spammy characters so be it, as long as sales comes in. SMDH. I remember the days when games was fun to play balance and fun, now it is made so everyone can pick an OP CHARACTER and spam you to death with cheap moves.

This is coming from a Killer ranked player with a son that plays as Shago all the time:
He’s not over-powered. He is tricky though. If you don’t know how to properly block low attacks and mix-ups, yes he will tear you apart.
One thing I have learned about playing KI is that up until recently there hasn’t been a real need to block low, and with agressive enough play you could possibly even get to Gold easily without blocking well, and that was a huge hurdle for me up until lately. Shago kinda changed that. Now you have to know how to block low.

If you can successfully block his slide you have plenty of time to punish with a throw.

And as far as fireballs go, just about every character has an effective work-around for those, fast or otherwise, figure out what works best and use it.

BTW…I also played the classic KIs back in the day. This one is better.


Play Shadow Jago and eat me with spamming. He needs meter to be safe. Just wait him out.

Why make another thread with the same question and title, copy and pasted?

Come on man… :frowning:

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