Shadow Jago Is OP (Nerf Him)

OMG no you didnt!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Im dying…please make it stop! LMAO!

This needs to become a Meme and spread worldwide!


Are these troll threads? Because seriously, you can push pretty much any button after blocking pretty much any Shago special and take your turn. If you randomly push buttons with no regard for what you’re trying to punish, you might eat the second half of a Surge DP, sure. But if you’re not blankly staring through the screen while he styles on you, every special you block gives you a turn. You do actually have to take the turn though.

This was meant to be helpful in the least technical way possible.


I don’t see a good reason with making two of the same threads with “Shadow Jago is OP” as the tagline. It’s been proven time and time again that he’s not OP. Boss Mode Gargos will gladly take the title of OP later this season. Also I find threads like these (in my honest opinion) to be face palm worthy. If you don’t like Shago, that’s fine. But don’t resort to making two of the same threads because they will get locked eventually.

The mods are watching.

You made two of the same thread? Sighs… To off-topic you go!


“Shadow Jago is OP”

“Nerf Him”
That quotes never get old!


Continuing the discussion from Shadow jago is op (nerf please):

Having to block low (often on both sides) when fighting Shago was a huge reason for me switching to analog on the pad. It’s made me a better player overall. My advice, take each of these awesome characters (whether it’s shago, rash, sadira, fulgore, or kan ra) as a challenge to get better. That’s what makes KI so fun and interesting. Keep at it and don’t be afraid to ask how others handle these “OP” situations. Someone will be willing to help is you ask nicely. Eventually you’ll get to the point where facing shago won’t be so problematic. Gl.

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Lol, Almost every one of his specials is punishable, if you have a DP I’m pretty sure literally everyone of his moves is punishable. Like most juggles in the game there is usually a linking move that is very easy to read and break.

Stop complaining like a scrub, Practice and adapt.


I have no issues blocking. My block is top notch I am a street fighter player old KI player so blocking is #1. This doesn’t change the fact shadow Jago is not a fair character. I played the game somenoe does a move before I can even react, he recovers and do another one. Players even execute the double uppercut one right after the other, I can’t even punish them. I have beating dozens of Shadow Jago but I have lost to 4x as more. Always the same spam teleportation, spam projectiles, spam spam spam teleportation. Juggle juggle juggle this guy can juggle you in the air , it seems like forever hit after hit. Sometimes good defense will never beat cheap spammy OP offense. I have burn in enough hours to know Jago is retarded. Sadira is another pain in the rear and that mummy Kappa or whatever his name is. Anyone who feels Shadow Jago is fine the way he is, is clearly a Shadow Jago player so they don’t mind the cheapness. Character is broken he is OP his recovery after executing a move is ridiculous. My defense is top notch. I am a balance player strong defense good offense but this can’t save me against the Majority of Shadow Jago player. They are clearly ruinning this game. Rash is another annoying character. They are adding characters that doesn’t eve belong in KI.

I have beaten a good amount of Shadow Jago players but I have lost to 4x as many.

Let me guess you are a Shadow Jago player. SNES and N64 KI took skills this new game takes an OP character and learn how to spam spam spam spam.

If you have lost to more shadow jagos than won, how can you you say that you’ve been a good amount of them?


This is not about whether I like him or not. The fact is I played against him enough to know he is OP. I don’t care what have been provem, this character doesn’t make any sense in any fighting game but let me guess all the SJ users will say nothing is wrong with him, after all if he is your main character or someone you use to gain wins you will always side with that character #FACTS. But don’t tell me Shadow Jago is a fair character in what world is he a fair character lala land. I played enough fighting game since 1992 to know what is fair and what is senseless. Unless you been playing KI since 1993 or was it 1994 and all the Street Fighters etc. You can’t tell me about OP I know a senseless character when I see one. He is senseless. Why do you think alot of users use him because it is an easy win.

Lmfao No you’re not, and if you are you wasn’t a good one. Because in street fighter, players don’t call constant projectiles throwing “spam” They call it zoning because they’re not letting you get close to them unchallenged.

So I guess all of KI top tournament players are Shadow Jago players huh? LOL.


Okay @moderators @FLCrushKid is enticing negative feedback. Insulting ppls intelligence and not making great discussion. Please address this.

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Name a Shadow Jago player that has won a whole tournament with him since he’s an easy win? We’ll wait.

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This is not rocket science, that’s like me playing 100 SJ Jago and beating 30 out of 100 is that not a decent amount. I have beaten a lot of SJ but usually I already know the odds are against me. I see players perform double uppercut. After the 1st one I am about to react but he is so fast they do another one right after and hit me. I play the game like everyone else, I know what I have seen and experienced. Because you don’t agree with what I am saying doesn’t mean I don’t know what I am talking about this is from playing thie game night in. Before shadow Jago came along I was fine, once he arrived it doesn’t make sense to play, and all the SJ players play the same cheap spammy game. Teleport Teleport Teleport Teleport Projectiles Projectiles. No one fight any other way, WHY? Simple they can’t win unless they play cheap and spammy.

How am I insulting people? Show me the post where I insulted someone. Please point me to that. Obviously you guys are all SJ players and anyone who is against SJ is a potential threat.

Do you realize SF and KI is a totally different game. I will own anyone on SF easily been playing SF since 1992. Please be my guess, in SF I will beat you with just my punches and Kicks I wont do any special moves. My block game is top of the line. I am from an era where blocking is essential to winning in fighting games. That hasn’t changed, the game is just filled with spammy cheap mechanism. Super spammy characters some worse than others. But don’t tell me about blocking, I can play this entire forum in SF and I can put $$$$$ I will beat over 70% of you bums. So don’t talk about blocking my block game is solid. This has nothing to do with block, oh yea half the time I am blocking I still get hit. I am block before the player even execute his move yet I get hit. I don’t know if that’s network delay etc idk but I been playing Fighting games before most you toddlers even knew what your ABCs was so get out of here.