Shadow Jago Block Strings and frame Help

I recommend this thread for a bit of all-around understanding on KI’s hitboxes and attack data:

You’re looking specifically for the “attack data” portion of the post I think.

For general points of understanding though:

Blockstring: just a series of attacks that has no gaps, ie the opponent cannot do anything but block once they’ve taken the first hit of the series. Simple example is Jago’s double roundhouse - if you’ve blocked the first kick, you’ve no choice but to block (or shadow counter) the second.

Frame trap: an offensive sequence that is not a true blockstring, but has just enough of a gap that someone can put out a button that will get stuffed by the next piece of the sequence. Simple example is Hisako’s heavy ORZ rekkas - these versions of her rekkka have 3 frame gaps between between them, which is enough time for the defender to push a button, but not enough time for that button to hit. So anything that doesn’t hit faster three frames (DP’s, basically) will simply get counterhit for trying to poke through the rekka sequence.

The anatomy of a frame trap is basically “whose turn is it?” according to frame data. Good buttons for frame traps will be buttons that are plus on block (“Advantage” in the attack data menu), because that means that you get to move before your opponent does after they block the attack. A hypothetical move that is 2/4 in the Advantage category means you get to act 4 frames before your opponent does if they block the attack. So if they block this move and you both mash jab afterwards (hits on frame 5), your jab will hit 4 frames before theirs would.

I can’t tell you too much specifically about Shago, except that in general he’s not a super heavy frame trap character. He’s far more about crazy mixups than consistent, sustained pressure, and any time he does a special move he’s essentially giving up his turn. I think he probably has some decent frame trap buttons (his stand MK is similar to Jago’s I think), but I don’t think he’s the character you want to use if you want to explore these concepts in depth.

Depends on the character, but yes, these types of things exist. Most characters do have a normal or two that allow for safe pressure, but to get into the combo game you’ll need to throw in a special move, and in most cases those will end your “turn” if blocked. For Shago in particular, no - you don’t have any consistent pressure options along those lines. To open someone up with Shago will almost always include some risk.

Hope that helps, and best of luck leveling up! :slight_smile:

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