Review: What Score Would You Give Killer Instinct?

Haha, this is a really disgusting post. Taking a prominent community member hostage to legitimize your point is not only logically fallacious, it’s incredibly scummy.

ftr, I disagree with Infil on a bunch of things: whether combos in other fighting games are any good, whether the current CAM OSes are a problem, some stuff about Steam that I don’t entirely remember…and now maybe some stuff about character animations.

Also you’re still a nitpicking nostalgic.

EDIT: Re: the $60 SFV thing: I expect more utility out of one $60 purchase than three $20 purchases. SFV is missing the bar by a mile.

@Filemoncio I’m not sure anyone ever claimed that it was nostalgia that caused people to complain about animations. As far as being called a troll, look at how interesting, on topic and generally positive this thread is - up until the point where you derail it by glomming onto Infil’s post. It’s that kind of thing that gets people riled up. You turn a discussion into a fight.

Maya and TJ get the most complaints about animation, and I frankly just don’t see it. I have gone so far as to go into practice mode with Jago and Maya and hit buttons to see if I can figure out this “obvious” difference in quality and I just can’t find it. People say “the animations are bad” but I can’t get anyone to tell me WHICH animations are bad and what is bad about them.

There’s some jankiness in the game for sure - the worst thing I see is Glacius flying across the screen to get in hit range for his long range counter breaker. Looks nuts. But I don’t see the character animations overall as being a distinction between the seasons.

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Hm, what’s this about? Don’t recall us ever having a conversation about this.

I don’t know if we did. I recall we came out with drastically different opinions in some speculation thread about whether a fighting game without combos would be the way to go.

Oh, maybe something about execution being a skill worth testing in fighting games or something? If you land a hit, should your combo be 100% guaranteed or should it be droppable? Sounds like something we might have disagreed on at some point.

That’s yet another disagreement we’ve had. :stuck_out_tongue: But I actually meant this thread.

Then you are probably wrong about all of those lol

This is an opinion review thread. No one is wrong. Everyone has a say on what they think of the game and as we have seen so far it ranges greatly from hardcore player, to extreme fan, to people who only want single player content. Not everyonw will agree in each others thoughts.

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Well I had two options: flag his post as offensive for calling me scummy and accusing me of “kidnapping” another person’s opinion (when it’s always been pretty mundane to take the opinions of respected members of (any) community as valuable sources of knowledge) or reply in a humorous manner, so I chose the latter.

Id be quite happy with that. … I’d probably put it on my CV lol

Me either it’s total BS it only happens becuase that was the time IG took over.

@BigBadAndy is right again

For everything and a general review (trying to be unbiased):

8 - 8.5/ 10


  • Fun fighting
  • Good roster
  • Excellent sound track
  • Excellent online net code
  • Well priced bundles which comes with classic games


  • Some lacking character animations
  • Shallow story
  • Not many offline modes
  • No ultimate combos and Humiliations currently

The way you presented it was like you’d managed to nick the stamp Infil uses to apply his signature to paper forms and whatnot and were going to use it to stamp instant credibility onto basically any KI-related opinion you felt like you were even slightly embattled on. Like @BigBadAndy said, you glommed onto Infil something savage. It was super glommy.

I think “glom” is going to be my new word of the week, by-the-by.

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your word of the week should be “exaggeration”

0/10 - No eyedol - IGN

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I knew this thread would come in handy, didn’t think the score would go down though.

Updated Review 3/17/2016

The new Enders really ruined a big part of the game for me and one of the most important parts, the fighting. The combos are everywhere in the game so having to see that in every aspect of the game it diminishes a lot of the things I felt were great. The online play, the particle effects, the single player content, the modes, the characters, are all cheapened because of the enders. They all just became less cool with the enders.

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