Recently purchased Killer Instinct: Supreme Edition, didn't get season 2 or 3 characters; PLEASE HELP

So as the title says, I had recently purchased the Killer Instinct: Supreme Edition on my PC and I didn’t get any of the season 2 or 3 characters unlocked for me as they should have been. Can anyone PLEASE explain to me why this would happen and how it can be fixed?

Are you using the same account you purchased the Supreme Edition on?
Do you have the Windows clock synchronized properly?
Have you tried restarting your system and starting KI again?
Are you trying to play offline and the characters are missing?

Lastly, please try to be more specific and also use the search feature because the issue may have been asked and answered before.

I am using the same account that I purchased the Supreme Edition on.
After making sure that my Windows computer was set to the proper time zone I synchronized it to internet time.
I have restarted my PC and booted up KI again.
According to my client, the season 2 and 3 characters are “available for purchase” even though it also recognizes that I have already purchased the Supreme edition.

To be more specific, after purchasing the Supreme Edition in-game, I did receive the season 1 characters, the 18000 KI gold, and the extra costumes. What I didn’t get were any of the season 2 or 3 characters. There is indeed another post in this forum that featured the same issue, although that one never got a response. You can see it here.

Could you try re-installing the game? Its either that or manually downloading the characters.

I have already reinstalled the game but that didn’t work.

Edit: If the characters could be manually unlocked for my account then I would be more than satisfied with that.

Maybe @CStyles45 can lend a hand?

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If he would be able to get that done for me then that would be great! I will send him a PM now. Thanks!

Sure, he’ll probably also check this thread in the morning or next time he’s available. He’s probably your best bet for getting this issue resolved, good luck.

Contact Xbox support: