Please IG (about the future of ki)

This was actually predicted by people around the time season 2 was announced. There was a lot of discussion about how many characters KI could support and most didn’t think it was going to get this high. As they add characters it gets less and less likely that you will see a basic one. It’s tough to make ten versions of “basic.”

Also, we have all been watching Orchid since S1. When a new character shows up it will always look baffling consoles next to one we know so well.

For personal reasons I just haven’t been in the game much lately. So I hopped on ranked with my s1-2 main Glacius yesterday and got flattened by a bunch of Eyedols and Gargos’s. It’s frustrating because I have a lot to learn about this complicated characters to get the matchup down. So I’m sympathetic to the idea here. But I just don’t see how they can add much more in the way of simple characters.

Raam was probably the last “simple” character we could possibly have, and I’m really glad we got him. The whole “long range normals” with decent frames on block really speaks to me. Along with the Oki, it just makes him super fun for me to play.

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Yeah, those complaints are a shame. What they’re seeing is lack of technical complexity. Strategically and tactically, RAAM is an extremely complex character. Every time he wants to do something to his opponent, he has to engage in mind games to make it happen.

He’s on the ground. Medium stomp? Flipout? Feint? Bait for a counter breaker?

Time to flip him up. Counter breaker? Command grab? Emergence? Try and start combo? Backstep and punish? Block and punish? Do nothing?

Jago’s throwing fireballs at me. Wait it out while blocking? Kryll shield dash cancel through it to scare him? Yolo Kryll charge to get him now?

Those are just three tactical situations and the options he has to consider during each. If he chooses the right option, he wins BIG. If he chooses the wrong option, the opposite could happen. Every decision he makes starts with “What is my opponent likely to do next?”


I like playing like that.

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Scorpio isnt a new console its a 4k version of xbox1.