Please fix the ranking system

I second this motion.


It’s garbage has been that way for a while. Killer tier is a joke. They should have a skill rating of some sort, even if it was just hidden that they use for matchmaking.

Anyways to solve your problem on your own the best thing I can recommend is dropping ranked all together playing exhibition and finding people close to your skill level that you can friend and play with.

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I’ve been arguing this for ages and when I took the latest survey it was one of the things I pointed out. Ranked is a dump heap. I either destroy are get destroyed. I seldom have close matches. Yesterday was the first time in months where our fights literally came down to who hits who last.

Sadly when I finally do get to fight a 10 Star Grand Master, I’ll do pretty well, but still lose, and then face them for the next 4 to 5 matches and thus lose all of my points that I gained from the last 10 bronze/ silver players I just played.

Then let’s not talk about those who lag to get wins, the smurfers, and those using Gargos (kappa).

I wish KI would use Street Fighter IV’s Ranking system, where each character had their own Ranking (in Ranked) (thus negating the need to “ReQualify”) and you chose the skill level you wanted to face (Same Skill/ More Skill).

I honestly didnt expect a post like this from you, because i consider you a good player, and it seems like the highest level players always get even matches.

When i watch Pro streams, it seems like they consistently get matched with eachother, or other pro stars. They rarely get lower-level matches (it SEEMS like).

Good to know this isn’t just a “lower-killer-tier” issue.

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Believe me, I seldom get matched with people of my skill level. That is the problem with being in Killer. There are people in Killer that honestly have no business of yet to be here, and then there is the FlipperAntonios, Flash666s, and GD Raul GDs, who have so many stars behind their gamer tags, that you wonder if they get auto stars for just showing up, they’re that good.

That is the one of the few things I liked about the old Ranking System in S1, you literally had 40 ranks and when you played you were generally matched up against those a few ranks above or below.

Also thanks for the compliment. :smiley:

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ya, the old ranking system was fun as hell. but I remember people complaining about the gap between level 30 to the max. just a fat gap where I’m a bottom feeder level 25 and getting bodied every match.

I do ok against you. we’re always kinda close but you always bust out the tech and body me. lol

I dunno. I like it now how it is now, killers medium tier, sprinkled with a few stars here and there. I personally want to get bodied by a 20 star player. those hard lessons are the most valuable ones.


Are you sure your game is not bugged? Because I don’t have this problem. It takes a little more than ranked but no more than 2~3 minutes.

There was another thread about this I think but I don’t remember. I need help in finding it because it had some good suggestions as well.

Same here.

Edit: I remember it saying something about how different characters can have different titles.

I’m tired of cocky smurf accounts who immediately trash talk post-match.

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I never said it took me that long for “ranked league” I said it was like that with shadow Lords MP, and that was also an exaggeration to make it funny. Ranked league is about 3-5 minutes. Shadow Lords MP (seriously this time) I typically have time to check the forum, my email, and my Twitter feed which I do all on my phone.