Phantom Dust Remastered

Voodoo Vince was developed and Published by Beep Games. I don’t think it was Microsoft’s decision it gets a remaster.
Phantom Dust was a replacement project for the former canceled remake.

I would love it to see more original Xbox games on Xbox one/PC. Unfortunately many of them are from 3rd Party devs, so it’s very unlikely (Panzer Dragoon, Otogi, Unreal Championship 2, Gun Valkyrie, Jet Set Radio Future)

Most likely I mean there is a lot rumours going around about a Mechassualt reboot, Mechassualt 3 or a HD Remastered collection.

its strange because theres a couple of reamasterd games from the original xbox lately. I probably think theres gonna be some kind of original xbox games for BC but just remaster the games.

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Idk then we will just wait until E3 then, its not that far away.

It’s really cool! Forgot how much fun Phantom Dust was, lol

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Wanna play against eachother some time?

Anyone still playing this? I’ve been chipping away at the campaign the past few weeks and recently completed. The campaign is kinda dated, starts really slow, and there were some really frustrating missions (got so irritated with the final boss I caved and looked up a deck guide for it), but I’m glad I played through to the end. It was interesting how the gameplay grew on me as it opened up.

Well, on to the multiplayer soon!

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I’m still playing it. I have three arsenals already.

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Oh don’t worry loads of people play online so enjoy.