Patch Notes 3.04

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Still waiting for the REAL Season 3 change list.

But as far as first patches go, this one is pretty good.

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Still waiting for a real bug fix list.

Is the announcer never shouting ULTRAAAAAAAAA after a double ultra or a full ultra+ender intended or is it a bug?

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So no fix for “missing text”? Really?

Guys, its a small fix.

So the answer is No, they did not solve whatever you thought they would solve.

Just the first set of GAMEBREAKING stuff.


cant download and install the update error 0x8007003

No fix for the crashes on Windows 10 when searching for online matches? :disappointed_relieved:

Better waiting for the next patch then…


No way. This will fix my checking DLC crash? YESSSSSSS

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I love how things work here, it took them less than a week from release to patch some bugs, on other games, like The Division, my account (and thousands of others) are locked for over 25 days because of a game bug and they may fix it tomorrow, took them a month.

Keep up the good work Iron Galaxy / MS folks.


Based on the severity of the game breaking glitches (Glacius and Kan are banned from tournaments as a result of them), they had to release a super quick patch to get rid of them. Because cert on patches still takes at least a week, you can bet this patch was submitted probably only a few days after launch, so they didn’t have tons of time to nail down all the other bugs that are being found. They had to prioritize the really bad ones first.

The next patch that launches with Mira will have more bug fixes in it, since they will have had a few weeks since launch to work on them.


Should I be worried that the Xbox Store app on my Windows 10 PC doesn’t show the update? I`m in Brazil, maybe the update will be available a bit later?

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Updates usually take a few hours to move to the various servers. I’d give it a few more hours.

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Thanks Infil. The game has been crashing non-stop when I try to search for online matches, maybe the problem is it trying to sync me up with someone whose game is already updated.

still cant record clips in the xbox app

Still says 3.03 on me for windows 10 version after downloading the update.

That is still a bug and it should be fixed in the next upcoming patch.

Don’t panic if bugs or problems you’re running into aren’t on this list, this is a very minor quick-patch to solve a few highly problematic issues.

Big corrections and things like the announcer adjustment and Ender toggle are more likely to be in 3.1, around the end of the month.


Sorry for any confusion, With the latest update you will see Version 3.03 on your main menu.

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I just downloaded the update on Win10, but now the game acts like I didn’t buy Shadow Jago. Bought him on S3 launch week via the in-game store and he was working fine until now.

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