Opinion on why IG/MS is charging so much for KI skin packs and proof

Yeah, the old bundle. This is the oldest trick in the book, all the way back to the toy in the cereal box and perfected by cable companies. “Only 50 cents per channel - for 250 channels you don’t need and three you want!”

But it’s also pretty standard for costume/accessory packs. SFIV had some strange groupings. I doubt they will ever sell them singly, but if people wait long enough I’m sure they will do a “complete” set for a discount compared to buying each one.

hmmm. is it standard? I wouldn’t know this is my first and only fighter I’ve ever played competitively. so I wouldn’t know if these DLC packs are standard fair.

You can check out the costume packs for SF IV. They came in sets like this, I think if four or five characters. Never sold individually.

That’s what I’m waiting for since they usually come out with bundle or discount of later on down the road. To me there’s no point in buying these packs unless there’s one that I find worth the price of three.

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To be fair, the bundles for SF4 were a ■■■■■■ deal. They were already cheap, and went on sale often enough that you could reasonably pick up all the alt costumes for very little cost.

comparing that to DLC bundles.

yup, and that my friend is why cable companies have 50 percent subscriptions cut out of their original consumer base. as soon as other consumption of media became available we cut the cord. lol

long live KODI formerly known as XBMC or Xbox media center. ahhh. soft modded my OG Xbox and never looked back. I was rocking 500 gigs of space while most of you were in grade school. :blush:

Yeah, I mean - that’s marketing. Put stuff out. People buy it. Put it on sale - more people buy it.

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Hey, at least you have the option to buy what you want. In Overwatch the only thing you can buy skins with is credits which you can only get from loot boxes, which are always random. You can’t even buy credits to spend how you want,you have to buy stupid a** lootboxes and just hope you get what you want lol

If that isn’t scummy a** tactic to get people to spend more money than they really need to, idk what is.

What Blizzard is doing is less for the casual and more for the dedicated. Casual players, like myself, have issues getting our hands on those legendary and epic skins because of the huge loot table and possibility of getting things you have already recieved. Many people think that the loot box system that Blizzard has is the best and I can confirm why.

There is a hugely common misconception that Blizzard has the lootboxes just for money. Money is a factor as to why the have the lootboxes but it isn’t even that big.
The progression system is the only reason why Overwatch is still around, the lootboxes. If you could easily unlock everyhting after grinding a few hours with a character (IM LOOKIN AT YOU TITANFALL 2) nobody would show off their skins or even care for the skins. The only reason why they are able to be bought is because of money. Some people who dont have the time to grind, or hell maybe they like gambling or just REALLY want that skin can buy a loot box and test their luck. Blizzard knew people would jump on the "microtransaction scam’ bandwagon and ■■■■ all over it, so they decided to make it easier to obtain the skins you wanted by allowing you to earn gold, the currency used to by the aesthetical things, instead of byuing them and getting ■■■■ on.

ya but the small difference is KI has been out for 3 years. depending on a persons top mains that can be anywhere from 3 months to 3 years. my main dropped in season 1. in that time only the color 11 I paid 50 bucks for is worth a single crap. 3 year wait for lackluster overpriced DLC lol

Well then that’s great for you because it’s all optional.

lol. and that’s exactly the problem. no one gives a s/-/ ! -/-.

i think the major problem are the XP after lvl 50.:wastebasket: