Old School Killer Instinct: What was it like?

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Oh that I don’t know lol luckily I play Fulgore in those games who has a standard fire ball and dp, so I just use those and normals and manage to do ok. I have managed to figure out some “manual combos” , but idk how to do the super long ones the AI does lol


It’s harder compared to he Killet Instinct now. You had to memorize which buttons were auto doubles and each character was different. Combo breaking was harder because you had to look for specific auto doubles in a combo, unlike the new one where you know what buttons your opponent is using because of the speed. Auto doubles happen fast every time, no matter what strength was pressed. I always guessed when trying to break a combo.

The matches are a lot faster because the meters are shorter. It was a great game though.


It was pretty awesome back in the day. Granted alot of it has some hilarity to it now but it was pretty fun back then aswell.

You can try it if you have the Ultimate edition of season1 yourself : >


cabinet surrounded by people, everyone holding their breath and then suddenly ‘ULTRA COMBOOOOOO!’ and everyone went crazy

thats what made it so special for me anyway back then


Oh the memories,

My first ki experience was in the arcades with KI1 I instantly fell in love with it (I was 13/14 at the time).

Hard as hell, beautiful game, diverse cast of characters, nothing like SF and MK.

Then the SNES version came out…

For any true fans of the classics, anyone remember air ultras?

There was no “Internet” like today, no social media, it was a time of paper with EGM magazines.

When I did my first air ultra it was with Thunder, I freaked out, I was yelling like a little girl, then tried to reproduce it, until I finally got it down, then started trying it with other fighters, fulgore it would work half way, TJ combo was very nice too.

Then a few months later I saw it documented in EGM. I remember reading it with my friend and we we’re laughing because we had figured it out way before it was printed.

The memories I have with this game are some my best videogame memories, it’s hard to say why exactly, it just stuck.

I liked SF and MK but nowhere near KI, when MS announced ki at E3, I was ecstatic to say the least, instantly called my friend and reminisced the old days, I don’t even remember what else they showed during that conference.


It was amazing! And when KI 1994 hit arcades it completley dominated SF and MK in my arcades locally. Everyone would surround the KI machine like a huge party!

It was loud and you could hear ULTRAAAAAAA all the way across the mall! And that was intentional to bring in the players and hype!

the game was ahead of its time with graphics. Its some of my best memories as a teenager in high school. I was obsessed with KI and would skip school just to go practice at the arcade when no one was around becasue at night on the weekends it was jammed packed and it was hard to get in a good practice game because there were quarters lined up across the machine with ppl in line.
You young cats really missed out on the arcade days… it was a great time for sure.


Just buy a cheap strategy guide off ebay for a few dollars… or you can ask me :slight_smile:


It has a rule with the buttons to get the autos. The thing is…I don’t remember! lol. I just do it.

Since the credits were expensive I used to play only with one character, sometimes used other but never as mains for vs.
But the best think I can do it’s checking my old game bibles: my gaming magazines XD

eg for SabreWulf in KI1:

Characters with charging moves: you would hold the stick to x direction while pressing the autodoubles. As you can see in the Killer 13 combo image from Wulf (the big arrow means hold 2 seconds)

It wouldn’t be strange to start with a heavy special and go for a heavy to get a combo before the ender (each character had their own ender motions with different buttons). For instance a very easy combo for Fulgore: charge back-forward HK (plasma charge?), then HK alone (autodouble), dp+HP (a dragon punch that hits 4 times and it’s an ender).

Then you can do the same combo and finish it with QCF + MP or inverted DP + LP (If I remember right).
You can add extra in your combo once you have the right motions to put in between, but for some reasons I’m not getting them, too rusty XD

Combo system in KI 2:

The graphic shows how the combo works: You can start with a special with heavy buttons (golpes o patadas Fuertes) and then use Medium buttons. However I don’t remember being able to perfom special moves (linkers) with light buttons (débiles) so that info might have been taken from the older game. In KI2 the main buttons to use are mediums and heavies regarding to “starters” and lights will be use as autodoubles or manuals.

Believe me, it comes to going to training mode, put the dummy in stay still and try combos on them. Just do a special move and check how you can follow it. In KI 2 you have 4 main enders and a fifth hidden ender you can perfomr after you got the previous ones.
Linkers are usually medium since the heavies will give you the ender (one of the reasons the breaker system in KI2 depends on punches or kicks and not in stregths).
KI2 also has a triple “auto manual combo”. This means after a special you can do an auto and then add a manual in the middle.
Something I don’t remember is how to control the speed of the combo in order to make it harder to break =S

PS: I’m laughing at the word “Flasheando” back then (it’s 1996!) . Instead of using a Spanish word in games we are used to mix them and turn and english word into something related to spanish. Flasheando would come from flashing and it would mean “titilando”, then you have the flash from english and ando than means the action in Spanish and the e in the middle to make it sound better. That’s sooooo weird and funny to do :laughing::joy:


These scrolls are sacred you must guard them with your life…


Yes they are =3


One other difference was combo breakers were a real pain to do. You had to not only do the input button but you had to press the button strength that beat it. And that was more or less vary by character. So some you can beat just by doing short combos that the other player had no time to break on.

Aside from that, I say the old school KI games are wonderful games to look back on. Sure everybody had super thin ■■■ wastlines but overall for oldschool models it was great. Would I ever play the game with the same level and intensity as this KI? not really. Cause all you gotta do is hold back and see who’s brave enough to come at you. That was basically what playing oldschool KI was like for my brother and I. It was always a block and punish kind of thing, but we did have some great fun still.

Character roster and music is one of Old school KI’s biggest legacies. On the other side, I don’t think of KI2 as fondly as KI1. Cause well, the roster was less diverse when you replaced two non-human characters with human characters. Fulgore was the only reason I remember KI2 at all.


Dude that’s awesome!


The main reason I can’t get into the old killer instincts is because of the move motion,they’re mostly pretzel motions(think KoF).


It was the most awesome fighting game I had seen up to that point (by the time the only other really good fighting games were (Super) Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 2/3. Most graphics were traditional 16-bit and 2D.
Then came this game with these awesome graphics and incredible audio effects.

I first saw it back in 94 or 95 in a TV show about videogames (the first of its kind in my country). I was about 13 years old then. They were announcing its release on the SNES and the first match I ever saw was Cinder vs Orchid in Orchid’s stage. The graphics and characters’ animations were eye candy to me. The voice effects and the announcer saying combo names were top notch and the music even had vocals - something unheard of at the time! But most of all it was the characters themselves that caught my attention - there I had a human fireball trailblazing itself against a sexy woman who turned into a tiger… then came Glacius who melted into a puddle like the T-1000 (“whaaaa?!”)… then I saw a friggin velociraptor (Riptor) - me being a huge Jurassic Park fan at the time - fighting against what I thought at first to be a knight in armor (Fulgore). The characters were crazy and varied and suddenly I felt the urge to find more about the game.

Remember, at that time there was no internet. But there were videogame magazines - and I went on a shopping spree to try to know more about the game and its remaining characters (note that at the time I didn’t even had a SNES so buying it was still not an option). I marvelled at the screenshots and character artwork, I fell in love with the lore, everything.

Then I bought the Game Boy version when it got out. Memorized every special move. Then played the SNES version for the first time at a friend’s house (one of the best afternoons of my teenage-hood). When I finally managed to persuade my parents to give me a SNES for my birthday (in exchange for good grades at school and such) I also got them to buy me the game 6 months prior (to avoid it going out of stock). With the game in my hands but no way to play it, I got to savour every bit of its manual and the awesome soundtrack CD that came with it (listened to it on a daily basis).

When I finally got to play it on my brand new SNES, I played it until my fingers bled.

Many years later, fate had me finding an original KI arcade by chance in a derelict shopping mall. It was my first and only encounter with a KI arcade machine and I was surprised to see how much better the arcade version was (compared with the SNES version). I spent only a coin and played just to experience the arcade feel. It was (and still is) nostalgic as hell.

KI2, on the other hand, never really tickled my fancy. It never grabbed me the same way KI1 did.

Bottom line, kid, it was great. :wink:


A wjile ago I was looking into purchasing KI and I found out it was being rebooted on the xone so I decided to wait. After I saw the direction the game went into, I made my mind and bought a KI arcade cabinet.
Its a special game to me, I remember it came out in 94, and it even teased us with the famous line "Coming home in 1995 on Nintendo Ultra 64!!"
I’ve been interested in games since 2600/NES/SMS days. So eventually I formed this passion for game graphics, and ended up getting a degree in 3D animation hoping to one day work in the industry. That didn’t work out, but when it came out, KI was like CGp0rn to a guy like me, especially since I was a huge SGI fanboy!!
Nothing else looked or sounded like it and they made sure to crank the sound to 11 at arcades. And Fulgore, best character ever! Orchid? there’s a reason why it says HOT on the sides of her outfit :smiley:
Nothing better than having the arcade at home.