Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

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Gargos bug

  1. Have two minions out.
  2. Grab the minion.
  3. Wait for the minion to hit.
  4. Pop instinct. and the minion floats in the air.

Another one I reported before, but it’s still in game.
Gargos goes instinct, does air throw. floats the characters in the air if the projectile hits them.
I’m sure he can do this against other characters with a projectile but all i can come up with.

Fulgore -
Kan-Ra -
Mira -
Omen -
Orchid -
Rash -
Riptor -
Spinal -

Minor glitch but if you do Jago’s Ultimate Vs Aganos, he lands outside of the stage walls slightly. Like on Kim Wu’s stage, he is nearly in the trash can on the left, and on Fulgore’s stage, he is behind the bars on the left. Haven’t noticed it with anyone else really, his stance when you start the ultimate is weird as well.

Shin Hisako manual after recap bug: What I have noticed is that after the shadow shin air on ryo zan KV meter adds 40-50 points in KV meter when you do a manual. When you perform a autodouble it is just 6 KV meter per hit. Here is a video showcasing both situations.

SHinHIsako bug on Kan-ra’s stage.

No video available at the moment.

Shinsako vs Jago
Pop instinct and do Demon hands, pull jago under.

THen the right side of the screen no longer had a boundary for Jago, he was able to continue walking backwards past the edge of the screen and you could no longer see him. He could still throw fireballs and the game was still working.
Then After hitting Jago he seemed to kind of end up half way under ground or float in the air a bit.

It was weird. Ther is more to the bug in this video but the clip ends too soon. WIll try to make a full clip later.

Additional Shin Hisako Bug:

An issue with shin hisako’s counter hits:

Normally, counter hits produce some amount of extra damage that varies depending on the move. However, shin hisako is lacking this bonus damage on the following moves:

Awakened soul (uppercut)
Shin Air On Ryo Zan (overhead)
Spirit Slice (crossup)
Spirit Orb (the projectile itself obviously)

I’m assuming this is a bug and not intentional, as there aren’t any other moves I can think of that don’t get bonus damage from counter hits, and it’s very strange for just one character not to get that damage on nearly all of their specials.


Cinder bomb bugs still an issue (could be worse)

Specific frames when an opponent jumps when Cinder is detonating a bomb negates the bomb completely. (usually happens at the beginning & end of jumps and it is frame specific since it can be difficult to find at first)

Situations where bomb is just a dud (example is after using st. hk -> detonate but can’t recreate)

shadow fission hitbox disappearing in certain situations

examples: landing a fired up fission max distance -> wiffed shadow fission(shadow fission wiffs & hit box disappears quicker than it should)

Landing inferno -> wiffed shadow fission (hit box disappears quicker)

For some reason my shin hisako level resets back to #1 every time I turn off my console, I think the fact that I bought one of her colors with KI gold caused the issue. Nothing that I seem to do fixes the issue.

When Shin Hisako is burned out by Cinder’s burnout ender, her combo breaker will not remove the burnout. Very easy to set up in training (record Cinder doing a combo with fierce auto-doubles that ends in burnout; let Cinder burn you out the first time, then combo break the fierce doubles next time). The expected result is that all combo breakers remove the burnout state.

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I think I’ve seen this too.

So far these are the ones that i found myself:

  1. If Shin Hisako Instinct is out and the opponent keeps hitting you as the Instinct finishes (meaning it didn’t grab the opponent) sometimes , it will glitch and it will remain on screen for more time. However it WILL deplete all your Instinct if it connects. Sometimes 2 pair of hands may appear although i’m not sure how this is triggered.
  2. If a Shadow Counter is Performed AS THE INSTINCT catches the opponent , the Instinct will glitch and u will see the enemy Clipping and then coming back… all normal except now ur opponent is literally OUT of Boundries. He can move outside of the Camera and some moves will make him go underground , literally , causing ur moves or his to miss completly
    2a) For some Reason Raam Shadow Move may drag him underground , to get back on the stage just keep jumping up.
  3. Should you do a Wall Splat ender and Call Shin Hisako Instinct your opponent may go straight to the other side of the screen and for some reason your Instinct will get consumed … remain Active but now it becomes a Low Attack that … doesn’t do anything really
  4. This one is specific against Aria … After defeating one of her bodies , If Shin Hisako Instinct is Right on top of the spot where Aria will Wake Up , as soon as the announcer says READY , Aria will be dragged by the Instinct … basically it’s an unblockable cause u literally can’t do anything to get out.
  1. Go for an a counter breaker, (late cb).
  2. resets the combo.
  3. Shadow ender doesn’t cash out.

This also works on certain characters, and investigating more.

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Update on the Shadow ender cash out bug.
It affects Jago, Glacius, Shadow Jago, Orchid, Maya, Cinder, ARIA, Kilgore, Kim Wu, Tusk, Rash and Mira.

Fulgore’s shadow counter isn’t working against omen when omen performs shadow slide.

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The only characters that can shadow counter it is Orchid, Maya, Kan-Ra, ARIA, Kim Wu, Arbiter, Gargos, Eyedol (Warrior).

Most characters cannot shadow counter shadow slide, and haven’t been able to since S2. However, Omen’s shadow slide is -8 on block, so you can just punish it instead.


Here’s another video of Aganos’ natural disaster only hitting once. I basically get punished for opening the opponent up. It happens at around the 20 second mark:

I would also like to add that this happens at least once in approximately 40% of my matches.

So it’s meant to be that way?