Need help with learning Cinder


@BHswordsman09 is right. Lower tier opponents may not catch on quickly enough, but upper tier opponents know how to deal with it easily. Your -3 on the “superhero landing” explosion, which leaves you very open on whiff. On block you have to either cancel into a shadow move, usually inferno, follow up with fireflash, throw attempt, or backdash. There are a few options on block to go with, but without shadow one of them is eliminated, and any of the other three are basically guesses, 2 of which are mildly more safe than the other. Most characters will have ways to combat some of these other options though.

I’ve used it enough to know eventually you can be punished for overusing it.


I’m with you, there. I’m learning him now, coming off of slow mains (RAAM, Glacius, Aganos). The speed, mobility, juggling, and comparatively unreliable normals have made him exhausting so far. Definitely working out a part of my brain I don’t often use.


Hey buddy. Did you ever level up your Cinder?


I’ve recenty gotten into the habit of using his advanced combos like I’ve seen on some tech vids. Sadly I’m doing so well as of right now because I often whiff my attacks and even setting it up is alot harder in actual combat.

However that’s just because more practice is needed, better timing, and knowing what to start off with when I do it.

Also I once thought Glacius v Cinder was hard. But now fighting Gargos is a WHOLE nother level.


After working with Arbiter, Jago and other characters I at least vaguely if not entirely like playing, fighting as Cinder has been a struggle due to his unresponsive controls compared to wulf who has the same controls but differently worked to make them functional. Everyone can just rush me down and that’s basically free wins. I feel like I’m not getting anywhere with cinder at this moment in time and won’t simply due to my lack of sight and the unresponsiveness in control compared to the entire rest of the cast.

Any help with this stressful situation is much appreciated, as once I get this achievement for winning 20 ranked matches I can get the rest by fighting the AI and never have to play as Cinder again unless I choose to.


he only real downfall I think with Cinder’s controlls is his trailblazer is bf and it can be pretty easy to mess up I won’t lie about that. But from my experience his controls are not really unresponsive. But I do agree they do take a lot of practice. Plus a lot of his attacks and best combos are done as juggles. Whcih are all in the air.


I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever be able to win with Cinder against sighted opponents, specially with Shago in the current state he’s in with being able to spam fireballs and j.hp with zero penalty even post patch.


I’m sure with time you can adjust and find some way to do it. You’ve been able to play this game despite the disability of yours which is astounding I’m sure you can win with Cinder. I’ve recently had a better winning streak.

BTW @FengShuiEnergy I followed your advice dude. and while I did lose to another Gargos I did way better this time.

I haven’t won yet but thanks for the help!


Did the dash block stuff help? That’s the general strat you can do with characters that have decent dashes frame wise liek cinder. Riptor should be able to easily do it too and thensome.

But for cinder…well I wouldn’t try pryobombs unless you know for sure that you can block in time. You could actually try trailblazer when you get closer since you can meaty the active frames unlike other moves. So normally it’s like -9 on block but with the right spacing you can make it 0 on block.

However for quad jump,, sweep, minions and more PP’s. You’ll have to kinda figure that one out on your own or ask a cinder main.


I have and they work pretty well. Generally the only hard part is keeping Gargos where I need him. But we can work that with some practice


Keeping gargos where you want him is probably the hardest part.