Male to female ratio for season 3 [POLL]

At the moment Killer Instinct is a male heavy game (like most fighting games) with the breakdown being 11 men (or 12 if you count Shago) to 6 women (this includes Riptor since IG have confirmed she’s female).

If we assume that the next season will contain all four remaining characters (Kim Wu, Tusk, Gargos and Eyedol) and include Rash that already means it’s 4/1 for the guys for the next season. Now would you prefer that the gender diversity for Season 3 to be balanced, to have more women or to have more men?

  • Balanced
  • More Women
  • More Men
  • Just care about getting good characters

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P.S. There’s a lot of assumptions and generalizations here about gender so I do apologize for that. For instance, does Omen even have an assigned gender?

Gender doesn’t matter to me. As long as the character is interesting.

Also, pretty sure Omen’s considered male. I think he’s been referred to in-canon with male pronouns, so yeah.

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I just wanna pop in here and say that I’m glad you figured out the poll option with no stress!


Ha yeah, I guess I’ve been over-polling for my topics.

I actually just searched for ‘poll’ in the forums and found the thread where Oxygen explained how to set one up. Might not hurt to sticky that just in case others are looking for it.

Also thanks for checking in. I must say that the forums are looking a lot better than the last ones.

Anyway, back to the topic: I did not know that Omen was male but I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention during his bits during story mode.

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ftr, it seems pretty difficult to assign gender to Glacius, Fulgore, Omen, and Aganos. Arguably even Spinal. Not that these are wins for trans representation or anything, but it kinda culls down the number of unambiguous males a little.

That said, I voted for the last option, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more female representation – female characters with creative designs geared towards appealing to women, specifically. It’d be nice if they also got around to re-rigging Orchid and Sadira, too, because I cannot unsee those missing ribs. :grimacing:

Do you know gender-nonconforming people? They often just use whatever pronoun is easiest. English was conceived long before people really started pushing back on the traditional gender binary.

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I’m more concerned with the creature/human/cybernetic ratio. Gender doesn’t matter in this game.

Ki mostly consists of monsters; so in gender it really doesn’t matter much if some of them happens to be female

I don’t really care about the gender but it would be bad if we only get 1-2 females nd the rest all males, there would be a certain ratio but not necessarily 50-50. I’m more worried about the type of character, I don’t want 5-6 humans. Kim Wu, Tusk and maybe one more would be enough.

I dunno. They made Aria noticeably female (Chest plates anyone). Fulgore and Glacious are a bit more ambiguous and I’d say Sabrewulf has a lot of masculine markers.

These things might not be super obvious but they’re there.

I actually had a really good and lengthy discussion on the old forums regarding the gender of Aganos and whether the golem should be considered a “he” or an “it” - it was a rather enlightening converstation, I think.

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That sounds like an awesome thread. I’ll have to try and find it once the archives are put up.

I made this thread if you ever need to access it again. Thanks.

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More women!!!

I definitely think we should even out the cast.

Women are amazing! We all love women :slight_smile:

KI’s has the coolest female characters in any fighting game that I’ve played but I do feel that male characters do tend to be cooler looking in general. Doesn’t matter too much as long as the character has good gameplay but the majority of characters I play as are male except for Aria who’s my secondary.

While there may still not be an even spread among the 2 genders, I do believe that KI does a better job of representing the female side than other fighting games. :slight_smile:

Best example: Hisako, the ghost girl herself

Fulgore’s Eagle, so he’s a male obviously. Masculine AI as a compliment to ARIA’s feminine AI.
Glacius could be an unidentifiable gender, sure.
Spinal’s a dude. He’s got dude bones.

I want more girl characters. More well designed characters too. Hisako and Maya’s redesign are breaths of fresh air. Yes, KI has mostly monsters but some of them are identifiable as male/female. Which isn’t bad at all!

I completely forgot about Fulgore being Eagle. Guess my initial ratio still stands.

Looks like most people care about characters that are well designed over what gender they are but more than a quarter want more female characters. It’s interesting results (even though the voting number is low).

I do hope they throw some more monsters into the mix since they’re always fun to see and play. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

We unanimously refer to Glacius as a “he” so maybe he’s male

Next time you see Omen win, take a long, hard look at his junk. He’s so clearly male it’s borderline inappropriate.