Killer Instinct Definitive Edition not working properly


I think both the windows store an ki are broken.

I’m having the same problem with Definitive Edition on PC not unlocking anything. I paid $40 for an app that tells me everything I could ever want to know about characters I can’t play.

I bought and refunded the definitive edition 3 times and each time it was showing that i didn’t have it. A buddy of mine has it and his worked fine. I spent a entire day on the phone with support from MS and Xbone support and they seemed totally clueless.

Since this seems to be a serious problem and there are a lot of topics about this …please help @developers @rukizzel


I sent a email to iron galaxy and got a response from someone named tom carbone jr. He said that they were looking in to it so we will see if there is any message.

We just rolled out a fix that will hopefully take care of this issue. Give us some time for it to prop, then report back in!

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It is still not working. I can just play the free character (Kilgore).

This bug is NOT the best way to start experience with a new Fighting Games :frowning:


still not working for me too, bought definitive edition but it shows unlocked only Jago and Rash with their traditional costumes, but no one else is unlocked

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Not working for me either. DYING TO PLAY ; (((

Three days since purchasing the definitive edition after hearing it was on PC from my brother, still unable to access my content. Making the best of it, taking advantage of the training sessions with rash, and shadow lords campaign. hopefully it’ll be up soon.

Still not working, it sucks because it’s slowly killing the hype of getting the content for me, there’s only so much I can do with Jago and Killgore :c

Tell me about it… Shadow lords campaign is pretty cool though, you get to try out a bunch of characters, you should check it out.

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Guess I’ll fiddle with that in the meantime : P Learn the game a bit

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as of 3:17 AM 3/8/2017 Eastern, definitive edition still not unlocking characters - all I can play is Jago from Shadow Lords, Kilgore from rotation, and ARIA from buying her months ago

3:47 PM now, only change is that now I can play Tusk instead of Kilgore due to the rotation change @rukizzel @developers

same here ^

Saaaame, I hope we’re not gonna have to wait much longer.This is the first time something like this happened to me.

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My Jago skills are gonna be through the roof when this goddamned patch finally hits…

I have the same issue. Looks like these guys have gotten a tremendous amount of our money without giving any of us what we payed for. I understand things happen but you would think that alone would fund them well enough to sort this out.
Microsoft support was so useless for me too. I ended up chatting with three different people and having to describe my problem three different times and each of them repeatedly kept asking me to do stuff to my console. I had to shout at one of them in all caps to get them to see I do not have a console. I downloaded a Windows game. From within this windows game I purchased an upgrade bundle. If it is required that I have an Xbox for this to work than someone is severely guilty of false advertisement. For that is never stated anywhere and in fact the contrary is implied.

One thing I noticed in my case is that in my library in my app store (I use PC only of course) I have two instances of Killer Instinct showing up. One will launch the free game. The other claims that my device is not compatible, which is absurd. The free download runs beautifully on my PC. I wonder if this is related to this issue. I surpass the hardware requirements (my processor is short there listed clock speed by less than 10MHz but it is an i7-6700HQ used frequently in gaming PC). I hope maybe this is useful information.

I know the developers must be working diligently to resolve this issue but with all of these unsatisfied paying customers on hold I think it would be very wise for one of them to take a few minutes to post some relevant information on here to us. The only thing worse than waiting is waiting in the dark. Just saying…


I’m on day seven my dude, and yeah Microsoft store is absolutely useless, I spent over two hours on he phone being transferred to five people. all of which insisted on me restarting my P/c. when I asked to escalate this to the complaint department I was hung up on. At this point it’s a matter of patience with the server sync issue, cause help isn’t an option.
As I stated in the above posts, At least we have the shadow lord campaign which gives you the ability to play a hand full of the characters as you progress the storyline.