Killer Instinct Definitive Edition not working properly

I i went to the Microsoft store and went to my Library, I clicked Show hidden games/ Show all and it shows all the stuff im supposed to have on pc like the killer instinct season 3 ultra edition and everything else including sepereate characters. BUT it shows a Exclamation mark On each product and says that it does not work on this device so the Definitive Pc edition does not unlock the stuff on pc only on xbone. Thats false advertising :confused:

Like this all these individual items downloaded on my friends Xbone but that was days after i puchased it on my pc, None of these items are downloadable on my pc

New patch! NO FIX! HOORAY! Silence? Check! Large pissed off community who BOUGHT the game only to be slapped in the face with lies? CHECK! Man things sure are checking out today, this is a great day for KI and all it’s fans /sarcasim

Sometimes things just don’t work properly, even with massive amounts of testing. Don’t worry, I’m sure they are working in a quick fix to help everyone affected.

i honestly have the HARDEST time believing that. It’s been about 3 weeks for me now since this has happened. Ive been with microsfot supp for HOURS on 3 diff occasions, they are useless, and only after like 2 weeks did dev even come on and say they had a fix, that clearly didn’t work. They put their tournament importance over all these people they cheated out of 40 dollars

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Its working for me now THANK YOU!

Hey Teddy, since Barag had the same problem and his works now with the update, try updating and try starting it again.

same here, it’s working! thank you…hunting now :smiley:

i checked like a bit ago and it wasnt working guess ill try again

Glory to the almighty it ■■■■■■■ works now. JESUS CHRIST!

honestly idk why i waited 3 weeks…i guess i just wanted to play a game i once loved…but yeah it works for me now as well too. ANYONE WHO SEES THIS, CHECK NOW IT PROBABLY WORKS. I HAVE BAD LUCK SO I THINK EVERYONE ELSE WILL BE A-OK

Lol. That’s why I tell most people to be patient. Happy to hear it’s working again. :thumbsup:

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GUYS THE KI IN WIN 10 IT’S FIXED (almost for me ) all you need to do it’s to update your windows, restart the pc, after the restart just play the game and test it

To be fair to these guys, this is the type of thing that should be so urgent to MS that they should fix it within 1 or 2 days at most. Having to wait weeks for a fix that seemed to affect every person who bought Definitive Edition on PC (probably thousands?), and amounted to basically taking their $40 with no product offered (the worst type of feeling for a consumer), is pretty inexcusable on MS’s end IMO.

I’m glad it’s fixed now though, and hopefully for everyone.


The miracle DID happen. It is working for me too, all chars unlocked.

I hope it will be the same for everyone else. Have fun

I dunno. Don’t know the reasoning why it took so long. It could have been just really hard to find. Sometimes things just don’t work because of a mistyped number, and in a sea of letters, commands, and numbers, I’m sure it can get a bit daunting. Glad it’s fixed though.

It’s possible it was extremely hard to find, yes, but in that case, I feel the communication should have been there. “Another day and our team is getting closer to finding the problem, but we’re not there yet. We’re really sorry for this bug and we’re working as hard as possible to fix it!”

Even just something like that goes a long way. Instead they said they had a fix in the works, it didn’t work, and then radio silence. As a consumer that’s frustrating, because you have no idea whether you should ask for a refund, or hold out hope that it’ll be fixed tomorrow, or what.

Anyway, no point in discussing it further now, hope people enjoy the game.

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^totally right^

Tried to pop in as much as possible, but alas, here we are.

Those seeing issues, give it another go. Think we’ve got it sorted.

i just would of liked what that guy mentioned above, but yes its working for me so i imagine it is indeed sorted so thanks for finally getting it sorted

There is a similar problem causing characters to be locked when playing offline on PC, depending in which store you bought the game and if you bought the definitive edition or each character individally (it works in later case).
We had quite some Threads about this:

Is there a chance this will be adressed at some point?