KI Gold showing as 0?

Hi I pre-ordered the ultra edition of season 3 and the 18,000 KI gold was showing a few days ago, I have hardly touched it but for some reason it is now showing as 0?

Same thing happened to me, I spent half of it but I had plenty left.

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This can happen occasionally. Try a full reboot of your Xbox and it should appear.

If not, contact their support, and they should be able to fox it.

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Thanks so much! That fixed it.

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Thanks that solved it

Didnt work for me, i rebooted(dunno what you mean by full reboot)
Closed the xbox for 10 min,unplugged it
Reinstalled the game
Even call Xbox for assistance.

Was starting to think the gold Will just vanish if you dont use it b4 some Time .

UPDATE…after playing the game normally, the gold is now back. I just played a story mode, and when i went to change the look of my fighter, gold was full there!!

Hope it fix for evryone else too