Kan-Ra's slow curse

What does curse do exactly?

I am going to test how curse changes the frame data of every move in this game. This is a placeholder post until I am finished.

EDIT: the following is wrong. It is only right for the examples I listed.
Keits told me that the startup increases around 30%. So I have to check every single move. I guess it will be the same for recovery frames. It’s going to be a nightmare.
Shadow moves are NOT changed by slow.

Sneak peak:

Slow increases the recovery of special moves by 9 frames. Kan-Ra is able to punish spinal’s mid sword move (-1) with whirl (10 frames). That means that any special move that is +4 on block will be punishable with st.LK if you are on point.

It also adds 1 frames on the startup of special moves. hard swarm (-3) does not get punished by jago’s DP (3 frames). Medium whirl (-4) does.

It adds 5 frames to the recovery of light normals. You can punish kan-RA’s cr.LP (-4) with cr.MK (9 frames)
It adds 5 frames to the recovery of medium normals. You can punish Arias cr.MK (-5) with whirl (10 frames) but you can’t punish Thunder’s cr.MK (-4).
It also adds 7 recovery frames to hard normals. You can punish Mayas cr.HK (-3) with whirl.

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Wow, thanks for doing the work for us. You might be able to ask @TheKeits if you want the frame data straight from the source.

Yup, its not a static value. Its a percentage based slow. Your moves are all slower, except doubles, linkers, shadows, and enders, by a percentage. Not just startup, not just recovery. The whole thing.


And that makes it very hard to test. I think it is very cool that you can slow your opponent in basicly every combo in S3 as long as you have meter with shadow spike. Would be even better if it was a real ender…

I am gonna focus on moves that are + on block. Jago shouldn’t try to frame trap you with his Sword move while slowed. Even the hard version, that is +2 on block, can be punished with st.LK (1 frame punish).

Slow is VERY good, too bad shadow moves can’t be slowed :frowning:

I also tested, whether invincible frames on dragon punshes also “slow” down. Would be cool if they stayed the same, so you could meaty a DP move and trait or even beat it. But unfortunately I didn’t get it to work. Kinda hard to test with no inforamtion on invincibilty frames available.

Are throws also slowed???

Has anyone tested if cursing buffs Kan’s scarabs? I’m willing to test it out later today, but I’m wondering if anyone has already done so…

Were you able to test this?

Atleast you can use his Torpor (Curse) as a Combo Ender


Sh sand. Maybe after a lv4 launcher ender as well. Recap antillion is possible, but I haven’t tested the aa stinger. aa stinger also possible after grapple onto sand pile.

Using a Heavy Kick or Punch manual then grabbing.

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Funny thing about the curses. It cancels out TJ’s instinct for it’s duration. Which I find hilarious because. I mean kan-ra can literally just stop TJ’s instinct even when it’s still going. So basically when TJ is in instinct and he’s cursed he fights a if he was neither.