Jugadores mexicanos?

You are from the city?? cool! It would be great to have a tournament over here, I guess is just a matter of finding the players lol, I think there are some places in the city (I don´t know if you heard about the “friki plaza”) where if we ask, maybe they could organize something.

In the meantime, we should do something online at least!

If you’re able to travel to Texas, there are some tournaments or events which happen there, like the KI World Cup at Ultra Arcade!

One of the best things about fighting games, in my opinion, is that two people from anywhere in the world can enjoy watching it played or playing it together even if neither one of them speaks a word of the other’s language; as long as they’re familiar with the game itself everything works!

I hope you’re successful finding other KI players from Mexico and organizing some local meetups or events!


Traveling from Latin America isn’t actually the easiest thing. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is a tad strict on that end.

This is actually how it goes! Even if official tournaments don’t happen where you live, local ones are always a blast, and you meet really cool people too!

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I’ve noticed this alot actually lol not sure why. I’ll likely be joining the rest soon though, since I’m pretty excited for kof14 :yum:

Mexiano; Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.
desde mi infancia he jugado Killer Instinct, tanto en SNES, N64 como sus versiones arcade.

well how the rules are write in english then i will write on that lang, well i can travel to Mexico City or Guadalajara or any other big place here on Mexico, no problem always when talking about a KI tournament hehehe

Yup… traveling is not so easy for us, and yeah, the point is to meet people from the local scene and make it grow, because official tournaments are not completely accessible to all of us.


yup i know some ppl cant travel, but i can, can be on middle point for all

or we can find sponsors, can be , or make some activities to generate funds

It will be amazing to organize a KI tournament in the country, I guess it all depends on how many people is interested in such a thing, then we could find sponsors or ask KI to be included in other FGC events. I believe that the first step is to have an online community that at least gets together trough Xbox Live and stuff like that.

To start, I’ll say we should organize an online tournament, I don’t know, maybe during a weekend?

yes can be, i am on holidays for 2 more weeks, now i am reinstalling ki because i had a problem.

Hola, no sé si sea el lugar apropiado para hacer esta pregunta, pero quisiera saber si en el ruleset de los torneos importantes el Asistente de Combos está encendido o apagado. Me surge la duda porque en las reglas del evo 2016 se leía que iba a ser default settings, y el asistente de combos encendidos es parte del default settings. Me pueden ayudar con esa duda?

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