James Goddard's Comments on the Tournament Scene


James’ comments looks like shows that Microsoft will continue to have an invested interest in the tournament scene. Based off last night’s Grand Final of at Combo Breaker where he made additional comments that the money here was the final amount from the community fund and he could not comment as to what they have in mind this time around. What do you guys think will happen this time?

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I wonder what the incentive will be?

I personally don’t want another Shadow Character if it’s as crazy as Shago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I feel stages could be possible as many fans love them such as myself and would contribute to the pot. New modes? Eyedol? Ultimates?

Money matching.

I have a good feeling that this is what he is talking about:

A new feature has been announced to allow developers and players to host tournaments through Xbox Live. Will KI take advantage of it?

Interesting! Could be very beneficial.

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Hoping to see a new fund. I think that accessory packs, announcer packs, color packs, and other in-game additions would make good equity in return for donations.

As far as the community fund goes, which I absolutely hope they do again, I really think it needs to be something that the core audience really wants. I say core, not to disregard the casual fans or players at all, but just that the core people, I’d assume, tend to be more likely to want to spend / spend big on a fund.

I think that potential for higher spending increases when it’s not just a matter of supporting the tourney scene, which I think we all see as a worthy investment in and of itself, but also when there’s something that fans have really been itching for.

So with that said, I think that the two biggest options are as follows:

A. Additional Arenas. Whether it’s one or two or more, I think whatever’s feasible, I think fans would eat it up and spend their dough, especially if it meant getting Mira and Gargos a home.

B. Ultimates. I don’t personally have a ton invested in this idea, but I know that a lot of people do. I’m not saying these would be easy, especially given the character number in the game now, but again, if we’re trying to get people to spend, I’d think this would help.

A few other ideas…

C. New Shadow Character. I don’t think some people are as hot on this idea, but why not? It’s a NEW character. I’d love to see Shadow Orchid and what IG would do with her.

D. Color / Accessory Completion. For every character that doesn’t have a full 9 colors or a full list of accessories, it’d be nice to see them get that, even if they’re bonus characters. So yeah, I believe this only applies to Shago and Omen, if I’m not mistaken.

E. More Colors / Accessories. I’d say one new color in the vein of color 9’s as well as a one new set of accessories for that new color, so essentially you’d be giving each character a new outfit. I’d definitely be down for that, though it probably wouldn’t be my first choice.

F. KI Gold. Not something I’d be very interested in. I didn’t love it as an ultra pack exclusive and I don’t think it’s something I’d want in a community fund. Maybe as PART of a fund, like along with color / accessory completion for Shago and Omen and an additional color and accessory set for every character, as those three together would be a great pack, but not by itself.

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Considering the fleeting amusement at best that we would gain from these, I could be kinda upset to see community fund money going toward it.

I’d get over it because I love this game and I’m not a maladjusted goon - but I definitely wouldn’t like it.

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Yeah honestly, it’s not what I’d choose. In fact, out of all the options I threw up there, it’s personally least appealing to me. But I know that a lot of people want ultimates. I hate to speak for others, but you know that comes up a ton on this site.

If anything I’d be happy for them just so the people that want them are placated. Kinda the same deal with Shago. I mean yeah, I definitely wanted that one, for sure, but I was probably even more happy for the people that had been begging for real boy Shago and starting petitions and all that other stuff.

If I had my choice, I’d say 1. Arenas for Mira, Gargos and #8 if they’re not a guest, 2. New Shadow Character. 3. The package I mentioned under F. 4. Pretty much anything else, including, but not limited to ultimates.

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