Jago Ender Damage v3.5

I saw in another thread discussing how Jago is better off using his launcher ender rather than damage ender (not shadow ender) due to the latest set of adjustments. I thought I would look into it and run some numbers. I kept it easy using Jago’s Around the World combo trait. You can get higher damage with heavy auto doubles and light linkers, but it seems the difference between enders stays pretty consistent depending on the level ender regardless on the combo used. The only other thing I could do would be to get fancier with juggles, but I wanted to stay simple. I did get lazy, however, and skipped L1 enders as Jago builds levels so quickly.

L2 enders, I just did a one-chance break of Heavy, Light Laser Sword, Heavy auto, then ender. This ended combos with a KV of 27, which means you can continue a wall bounce combo without using a shadow.

Damage: 25%

Launcher: 24%

  • w/sweep 26%
  • w/heavy DP 27%
  • w/heavy normal and cancel into Heavy DP 29%

Battery: 21%

Wall Bounce: 22%, KV 77

  • w/throw 33%
  • w/sweep 25%
  • w/heavy DP 26%

L3 Ender. Heavy normal, Light Laser Sword, Around the World Medium, Light, Heavy. KV 63

Damage: 35%

Launcher: 33%

  • w/sweep 34%
  • w/heavy DP 35%
  • w/heavy normal and cancel into Heavy DP 36%

Battery: 28%

Wall Bounce: 30%, KV 113

  • w/throw 41%
  • w/sweep 32%
  • w/heavy DP 32%

L4 Ender. Heavy normal, Light Laser Sword, Around the World Heavy, Medium, Light. KV 63

Damage: 43%

Launcher: 39%

  • w/sweep 41%
  • w/heavy DP 42%
  • w/heavy normal and cancel into Heavy DP 43%

Battery: 33%

Wall Bounce: 35%, KV 113

  • w/throw 46%
  • w/sweep 36%
  • w/heavy DP 37%

There are a couple of interesting things here to take note of. The first is that the wall bounce with a throw to end it is much more damaging than I had originally thought (or paid attention to). The main worry though is what happens if an opponent expects it and techs your throw. You don’t get much of a damage boost otherwise, but the hard knockdown from a sweep may be worth it.

The second is that the damage and launcher enders are very close in damage. Once you reach L4 you can certainly do a damage ender since it does not leave a break point post-ender and the scaling makes it hard to overcome. L3 is more of a toss-up, but certainly anything from L1 to L3 ender will benefit from the extra damage you can lay on with juggles or other set-up such as flip-out or sweep. In fact, the lower the ender level, the more damage you can put out with your juggles. The only other deciding factor is you KV number. If you are maxed out at a L3, just do a damage ender unless you are confident your flip-out set-up will work.

Hopefully others find that helpful. It will definitely change how I play. As long as I am not dropping my juggles and my opponent can’t get a read on my pattern, anything less than an L4 ender in the middle of the stage will be a launcher or battery ender.

Good work, but @DEClimax already tabulated a lot of this stuff in his ender damage spreadsheet a while ago, so we already had good data on this.

Launcher into flipout is also important information, but then again there are other possibilities like launcher into button xx flipout and whatnot dependent on KV.

Even at level 4 I’d say launcher ender is basically correct. You’re giving up such a tiny slice of damage for the sake of a flipout or a hard knockdown, and I don’t think the breakability is that important in most matchups because you have good unreactable strength variety and the penalty for getting broken is only real in matchups where the space matters. Maybe on the odd occasion you can close out a lifebar with a straight damage ender that you wouldn’t otherwise, but unless you are somehow very sure that the difference will close the lifebar it’s such a tiny damage gap that identifying those moments is very difficult.

I’m not a fan of this situation. I think the way you fix it is via some combination of nerfing launcher ender and re-buffing DP ender a little, but I’ve also said that I think the passive meter gain situation is worth addressing and is one place where I wouldn’t mind nerfs in order to make meter ender relevant too. I’m also really disappointed by the situation with shadow DP ender, because it’s basically incorrect to call this thing a shadow damage ender now. They could’ve nerfed shadow fireball instead, and/or nerfed passive meter gain so that Jago has to truly play a meterless game after shadow fireball -> shadow DP cashouts, which would’ve toned down the two-bar unbreakable cashout without just doing away with shadow damage ender as a viable thing on its own.

Mind, this stuff isn’t a deal-breaker. Turns out I still really enjoy playing Jago, I still put a lot of time into him.

You may find this useful!

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I missed the chart made by @DEClimax . I wish I had seen it earlier.

I agree. I wasn’t sure how to mention it as I don’t really know how best to balance things. Jago has already had a few nerfs to his meter gain. I personally think buffing his damage ender by a bit would be the best option to emphasize the difference between launcher and damage, let alone his shadow DP ender. I recognize that the community feels Jago is top tier and any buffs would be very controversial. I personally think the meta of the game wouldn’t be that unbalanced if Jago’s damage ender was improved a bit, but I only play the game a few hours a week.

I’ve to this day said they overnerfed his damage ended by a few percents. :thinking:

Though, he still hits rather hard for getting the right read or abusing his frame advantage until he eventually opens someone up.

We may see some changes in 3.6 as the team has expressed some moderation in Jago in a form of nerfs.