Jago can't computer

Then he yells out “VOLTRONNNNNNNNNNNN ASSEMBLE!!!” why? Because why not.


Scientists: Jesus ****ing Christ they just broke into the lab!!

Jago: What does “Operating System not found” mean?

Scientist: So facilities breached, some of us are dying, our hero here doesn’t know how to work a damn Mac, and now your telling me systems on the fritz!?

Jago: This was a Mac?! We’re in a Microsoft game, I thought this was Windows!

Scientist: Welp, I knew this was gonna happen…

(In case of imminent death, break glass)

Scientist: You have got to be joking…

(Pulls out a rubber duck)

Scientist: Can somebody tell me why this is in the emer… OH GOD!!! (Killed By Fulgore)

Jago: Really glad the Guardians arent watching this, or I’d probably be in some deep **** right about now…


Jago: Alright, I’m hacking the mainframe!

(mashes hands all over the keyboard

Jago: I’M IN.

Orchid: Sorry to burst your bubble there, bro, but…all you did was type “ASFLJ;33”, space, “'AFJZXCVIW.”

Jago: I-is that not how this works?


Jago has been watching to much CSI


I can just see Jago attaching different coloured Fulgores

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Whenever I get this quest, I’ve gotten the “how do I computer” message with every non-Fulgore character thus far. :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s kinda funny

Even ARIA?

I haven’t done a lot of ARIA play, though I imagine she’d be able to do it.
I’m honestly surprised Rash can’t do it, though, since his entire reason for being in KI is literally “I got bored of my game so I’m going into this other game!”

Makes sense. Rash…well…doesn’t sound like tech type of guy.

He is tech though. His whole story is that he’s a video game character who breaks the 4th wall. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m surprised he doesn’t have an option “Run doom2.exe” option to deal with the Fulgores and make them kill each other.

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I dunno.

Technically it was Prof. T bird that sent him to KI not Rash.

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Then “Ask Prof. T Bird to remote hack the Fulgores” would be a viable alternative option to asking Ultratech to do it, yes?

Could he even contact t bird?

Judging by the fact that he’s constantly reemerging from the portal at the start of every match, I have a distinct feeling he spends more time back home than he does here in our realm, just like Gargos.

Sure let’s ask some random bird we never heard of before (much less a part of the universe) to remote hack robots that even HE might not know. lol

What’s next, he becomes ARIA’s rival in tech? haha.

“It’s clear to everyone that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

I dunno, it’d be like asking kim to create an elixir to match kan-ra’s. Which we all know wouldn’t happen since kim’s about as smart as a stack of sticks.

Well it’s not impossible, it’s just many of the KI cast seems to be “primitive” in that UT has all the hi tech stuff and even then only a select few only know how it really works. Excluding ARIA because reasons.

I mean T bird could hack them…but…well I don’t know him enough to understand how skilled he is.

You can do anything if you apply cartoon logic (or if the plot demands it).

Ouch XP