Is arcade stick the definitive controller for fighting games?

It’s not just a matter of taste, It’s also a matter of what a person’s muscle memory has been trained to use. I personally use a controller because I didn’t really have access to arcades &/or fight sticks until the last few years, and now I’m more accustomed to using a controller. Sure I can use a fight stick, but I can’t respond to things as quickly because more thought has to go into each movement to get my hands/wrists to work accordingly.

As an individual who has used all three, with enough patience, you can develop the muscle memory to use any controller you desire. This is why I say it is a matter of taste. People that want to play via stick, will learn to use the stick, no matter how strange it may seem at first.

I personally like the comfort I have using my Elite Controller, but I still own a Mad Katz arcade stick.

i actually got two converters last week so now i can use both of my fight sticks. :smiley:

now it’s a matter of getting used to switching back to stick… although my DPs and QCFs are already way more on point after only a few days. n_n

I actually designed a custom controller that is like a hitbox but has the up button as part of the standard arrow placement. Took me a while to get my head and hands around it, but it paid off in the end and I’m playing just as well if not slightly better with the new device.

Glad you like the One S controllers, I’m a fan too if I’m honest. They’re my preference other than my custom controller I had help building (as I have no sight to work with to make the construction process any easier).

Also, I haven’t seen you on these forums before, so welcome and hope you enjoy your stay.

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