Immortality has a Price - Tusk Tech Thread

If you remember me when will we play again?

I don’t understand why this thread got made, was it for the sticky?

Primarily to get everything in one centralized location. I wanted to emulate the other FGC related sites that do this and I decided to take some initiative with it.

But, it was already doing that.

I was doing it all last night for the rest of the cast. I didn’t look through most the each character’s sub-forum to see if it was already made. Sorry.

I remember you. Anytime bro man. Just give me a time and place.

Yeah. You should do that next time. Maybe adjusting titles would be more beneficial. Although I like the idea. :slight_smile:

Follow “GutterMagic” and “ImRicoSuave” on twitch their both beast tusk and thunder players they stream almost daily.

Thank you, I didn’t know they were playing Tusk :smiley:

No problem man if you want to watch ft10 sets subscribe to “XiBassiX” on youtube you should know him as “UA Bass”.

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Yeah I know him, unfortunatly I hadn’t the opportunity to even “touch” him…

It is ok

Beware Tusk fellows, after a shadow Skull splitter, manuals just doesn’t work against Mira.
It will just whiff and you’ll drop your combo (it should still work in a corner).

At best it will surprise yoiur opponent and you will be able to do a reset but…

Just joined the barbarian brigade. Lots of good tech here for me to learn. Deflecting jump ins is something I already figured out but the rest I can’t wait to get home and dissect. I’d like to make a contribution. S. HP deflect is also useful against YOLO tactics like YOLO slides, windkick, etc. It requires a bit of a read but it’s definitely doable. Thx for the tech guys I’ll try to see what I can come up with :wink:

Here’s some hot new tusk tech: during instinct juggles, you can whiff the main hit of heavy air skull splitter and get the shockwaves to juggle for unbreakable corner carry… Too lazy to record a video right now but it seems like a pretty good option, though it’s a little hard to combo after properly.

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This one’s a little goofy and maybe a waste of instinct but it’s fun enough that I’ll post it anyway :stuck_out_tongue: with the change to air skull splitter to make a it a stagger, when in instinct from the right range you can loop whiff DP > air skull splitter > whiff DP > air skull splitter on a grounded opponent, which does decent damage and builds little KV, and at any time you can command dash in and manual into a regular combo, meaning you can capitalize on lockouts as well. It burns through instinct quickly but it can work out to be quite a bit more damage than an instinct juggle if you get a lockout. To keep the loop going, you have to maintain a range where DP will whiff, so keeping that in mind:

After light DP whiff, light skull splitter will move you further away, medium will advance you slightly, and heavy will advance you a lot. Not only can you mix up between the three strengths, you can also whiff medium or heavy DPs (which move forward more) to throw off your opponent if they’re making a read on what strength you’ll use based on your spacing.

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