I f i buy the definitive edition will that help lag nt streaming from server?

just asking ,streaming from a disk?

I doubt it. When you install,you are running the game from your HD.

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Discs and downloaded games don’t function differently in terms of network connection. Your network may effect how long it takes for a game to install/update, but it does not mean that digital games take up more internet. They’re already on your hard drive, after all.
Any issues you have with connectivity are either because your opponent is somewhere where the connection doesn’t mesh well with yours, or something on your end.

Disc and digital are literally the same thing, they’re both games running from your hard drive… The only difference is one installs the game from a disc, the other from the internet.

If I buy the definitive edition we I be able to play offline, which I can’t today?

You can play offline today. Put the Xbox in offline mode before you start the game.

I’m on PC.
We even have a thread for this.