How to get your shadow to fight

My shadows don’t seem to be fighting very much at all. One looks as if it’s never faught anyone. How does this work; how can I get my shadows to fight every day ?

It has to learn how to play against each character, so the best thing you can do is play as many varied matches as you can against the whole cast. Shadow survival (or regular for that matter) would be one of the simplest methods as you’re guaranteed to fight each individual character with little repeats (aka Jago army). After your shadow has a ton of samples of how you play it’ll start to fight better & see more action.


Join the Shdow Lab thread here…

You’ll get challenges here for sure!


Alright awesome; thanks a lot guys !

Go and fight Shadows, and you’ll be likely to get people coming back for revenge. The thread that @UncappedWheel82 linked is a good way to start, since there’s a lot of forum members looking for Shadow Points!
And don’t be afraid to challenge some of the higher level shadows. Shadows are always a little less difficult than the player themselves. You can make big money fighting some of the big boys!

It costs shadow points to fight other people’s shadows right ? As of now I only have like 430, so I thought I’d play some shadow survival. I’ve never really understood how the whole shadow lab thing worked so I never really played around with it very much other than making two shadows and doing a little survival here and there.

It depends on what you do, but you can do shadow fights in a few different ways:

-Challenging a shadow. You can do this with friends or with people you find on the leaderboards. If I remember right, there may be a slight discount for fighting friends this way.

-You can spar a friend’s shadow for free. This nets you minimal/no initial reward, but it can start a cycle of revenge that gets you a few points per fight. More on that in a bit.

-Shadow Survival. You know about this one already. Fighting random shadows based on rank until you either give up or lose.

-Shadow Lords. Based on what I’ve heard, there’s an increased chance of showing up in someone’s game if you’re friends with them. Start adding friends from the forums and you will begin to see more fights rolling in.

-The Cycle of Revenge. Every time your shadow loses a fight, you can avenge them. Then, if you defeat that person’s shadow, they’ll avenge theirs. This cycle will continue as long as you let it, and unlike Challenging people normally, you can do this repeatedly multiple times a day!

-Rigged Revenge. If you have another account on your Xbox, you can be a sneaky SoB and have it fight your shadow on your main account. This will help you get a few more wins. :wink:

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You sneaky SOB you. Lol!

I might try this…:smiling_imp:

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You could also just make another account on PC (for free) and switch to that one to get beat up.

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Thanks man that was very informative. Quick question. Let’s say you make a shadow, and then you never touch it again or go into shadow labs and look at its progress/results. Is it actually going to be fighting people on its own the whole time thus earning you shadow points? Or is there something you need to do in order for it to fight people and for people to be able to fight it ?

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You must have to fight all characters so that your shadow will know what to do with each character

As above stated go through shadow survival of think that’s the main reason why it’s on the daily shadow rewards panel. It’s the best way to have your character shadow train

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It’s a lot less likely to get around if you haven’t done anything with it, and since it doesn’t have a bunch of data it will probably be easy to defeat.
Though I have run into pro players’ shadows in Shadow Survival that happened to be at 0/0 and oooh boy it was rough.

But yeah it is feasible that it could happen. It will pop up in Shadow Survival, and your friends may challenge you or find you in their SL game. However, I’d recommend spending some time with your shadows if you’ve got the time to spend. It will make the experience more lucrative. Add some people, challenge some friends (or strangers!), do Shadow Survival, or at least record matches with the character you’ve chosen.

And don’t discount Shadow Survival’s value. You may get low end rewards per match, but last night I got 850 approx. SP after a 25 round bout.


Wow alright cool. I’ll get on some shadow survival, and challenge some peoples shadows I see on the list (none of my friends play fighting games :expressionless: )and go from there. Thanks a lot !

If you are looking just for points to unlock the skins, then just fight shadows by price. Start by fighting the 500 point shadows, then move to the 1000 point ones.

Don’t worry about the difficulty. The only difference between a 25 point and a 1000 point is number of matches, and NOT SKILL. Trust me.i have seem shadows with only 10 matches fight better than some with over a 1000 wins.


This is advice to live by. I actually went from 8000 to 15,000 tonight by just fighting some of the 1000 SP shadows. Even the shadows of really good players like Maximilian and @SonicDolphin117 are very beatable. There’s a huge reward in it, if you’ve got the guts.

Just be sure to look for Negative K/D Ratios. If a Shadow is actually winning more fights than they lose, it’s typically a bad sign.


… fixing exploit as we speak… :slight_smile: Luckily we limited direct challenges (that count as a win/loss) to 1 per day. But when you find your other shadow elsewhere, it’s not a bad idea :slight_smile:

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Rats! And here I thought I was being clever!
Oh well. There are enough high level shadows out there at this point that I can still grind fairly effectively while being a good Fwuf. :stuck_out_tongue:

What exploit? Fighting the 1000 point shadows, or the 2 account thing?

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If you look at the post he’s replying to, it’s the 2 account thing I’m pretty sure.
Curious to see how Shadow Lab evolves over the next few patches. Wonder if they’ll make it easier or more difficult to earn SP…

After looking, I seen about 25 1000 point shadows that could be fought each day. If you just did those, then you could unlock a high end shadow ev every 3 days. The rate that I am going, I should have them all unlocked in under 2 weeks. :smile:

These are actually faster to unlock then the mimmics.