How to deal with orchid spammers?

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But isn’t light version like -1? Their turn is over but it’s kind of safe is you don’t press buttons.


Yes I believe so but they rarely use light as a yolo opener due to the reach on it. Im not talking high level Orchids here…IM talking mid to low level that dont understand “safe” and “unsafe” lol


Oops, sorry xD
In those cases I would also wait for them to slide. Sometimes I’ll poke to show them, hoping they “will stop doing that”. Same as those wind kick spamming Jagos (there are few left…Still). And I’m not exactly talking about low levels.


Thats how I wanted to describe it but wasnt sure if it would make sense. I do the same with them…like thank you for my free throw. Ill just keep throwing them every time to try and teach them that its unsafe…most of the time they dont get it.


Why not full combo punish for, at bare minimum, twice the 10% or so of damage a throw offers? (Unless you’re talking about characters that get combo extensions off throws, of which, i think you play one.)


Fall’s primarily an Omen player, so unless they’re sliding into him from the corner, he should be using a combo punish.


Guys…I know this… lol…Read again please. I said that I throw them over and over to try and teach them its unsafe as Im basically toying with them. trolling them… Im not talking about some high level match where its close. Im talking CA Jagos that wind kick over and over so I throw them over and over.'
Throwing them allows them to wind kick agian right back at me… so I throw em again. If I full combo punish then I dont get a wind kick back as soon. remember …IM toying with them…trying to teach them. Seein how many times in a row will they keep doing it.

I know when to punish and when to toy around.

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I dunno. Maybe it’s just me, but i feel like a solid chunk of damage, an opportunity to possibly get a wakeup setup and said opponent only getting to do said windkick maybe 4-5 times before the game is mine says ‘stop that’ clearer than a throw. Having said that, play the game your way, Fall. I, personally, don’t troll my opponents or toy with them, but if that’s your goal in throwing, then i do see why you want to do it.

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Haha. I’m with Sneerful. I tend to think an “oh crap I just lost 50% of my life :hushed:” moment is a better learning tool than “man, he threw me.” When I wanted to learn how to not break, I learned it against the character who could kill me in one bad sequence - it stuck with me a lot more that way :-p

As the kids say, however, you do you :joy:


I still feel a full combo punish,specially if it’s not easy to break, may frustrate ppl way too much to even care about learning the game in the end. It may be arrogant but a little punish for not blocking low or repeating unsafe things will make them upset, but overall seems less damaging than not letting them waking up (that talking about really new players). Some persons are stubborn and will try the same things over and over again before they understand and change what they are doing wrong.
But yes, if they insist to give themselves away for free ,depending on my mood , I’ll go full punish.
We are teaching fundamentals xD

PS: this remind me how salty I was because the first Omen I fought would throw me the whole match until I started techthrowing. The thruth is that I finally got the concept and stop him for doing that I got me mad…I was like “stop spamming throw and play me for real!!” :joy:
I think he was also toying/testing me :thinking: but I started using throw mix ups too after that.

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Man you guys are looking way too deep into this… I mean damn its not like I go searching for victims to troll. Its not like this is a regular occurring thing… its just the way that I explained it to @MaruMDQ.
Seriously …smdh

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Thank you @MaruMDQ… this is a better way of explaining my intentions.

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I don’t think it’s deep at all, more just a difference of opinion on what has more impact after repeated actions.


I get what you are saying. When I play my son, I AA him when he jumps. I tell him before he jumps “don’t jump”. I could combo him easy, but I am trying to teach him to not start every combo with a jump in.

You are trying to show them that every time they do a wind kick for example, that you will throw them.


Exactly…because they will wind kick on wake up from the throw. A full combo on a new player doesnt allow him to keep wind kicking 10 times in a row. lol


Noob question - why Orchid cant hit or kick during forward dash? Like buttons is locked until her full stop. Its been always a technique to start an attack in many other fighting and beat-em ups. Weird… It`s been made for balance?


If I’m not mistaken, no move can be done in the middle of a dash (with the exception of a run).

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You might be talking about her stand+HP or MP or something, which step her forward a good deal? Orchid (like most other characters) can’t cancel her dash directly into normals. I think most (all?) of the cast can cancel the last few frames of their dashes into specials, but the implementation of that is pretty standard across the board.