How do I fight this character

Learn how to use his QCF+K to avoid Mortars. If you time it correctly, or if the Riptor player is surprised, you should be able to forward jump MK while they are in startup frames for s.HK or Flame Carpet. If it’s Flame Carpet, you either hit the timing window right, and it didn’t come out, or you hit the window wrong and you’ll be in hitstun.

Well when you find someone’s using the same trick over and over. You can catch em on that. >: 3 But as a result he has been trying something different from time to time.

I’ve never actually fought a lot of Tusks. But as Tusk I once fought a Riptor. So I assume you have to time your counters with ours. And also be patient.

However you’re not all that big of a deal if I have to make you chase me around the battle feild like a crazy puppy. But that just plays back on patience.

I main Sadira. I automatically tick off Riptors. :frowning:
Literally just by showing up. The only time Riptor becomes scary for me is if I get cornered and don’t have meter. Corners = death to Sadira.

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Don’t jump on me. Run back into HK for days.

I also play as Fulgore, therefore you automatically piss me off: TWICE! XD

Sadira; the only spider I don’t feel bad about squishing.