Help against Cinder

Yeah I can sometimes. One guy who I played told me I can try and bait DP with my teles but I noticed I can get hit or thrown out of the start up a lot of the time.

@FallofSeraphs76: We need to play some games sometime now that I have a better connection man. I need some massive training against Omen. Omen gives me more trouble than any other character in the game lol

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Sure man, anytime. Im not much on spur of the moment, but if we plan a day and time Im down.

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Alright sounds good man. Ill PM you sometime soon and maybe we can schedule a FT10 in the next few days :slight_smile:

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I main Sadira… I can’t keep Cinder grounded… :frowning:

Then again, she is going to get a buff with the next update… So we’ll see. :smiling_imp: