Hard time finding matches (PC) with rank and lobbies

Hello, I have this game on both my Xbox one and my PC. While subscribed to Xbox live, I can find matches on the Xbox one generally without any issues. However, the PC seems like finding a match is non existent. But the oddity out of this is That I also have gears of war 4 and it finds matches with no problem on the PC. I have tried everything with Xbl port forwarding with a router and anti virus programs and I can’t get any better results.

I knew I was not the only one…

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In Windows, load up the Xbox app. On the left menu, click the gear (Settings) icon. In Settings, click the Network tab. After it tries to establish a connection do you see any kind of “error”-like message? (Saying something like “this might affect your ability to play multiplayer games”) If so, then at least you know it’s directly caused by that networking issue and not some other quirk.

I’m not on my computer to look this up and post links easily, but the problem likely has to do with Teredo Tunneling. You can google “Teredo Killer Instinct” or something like that to find lots of threads/pages devoted to solving it. It happens to me occasionally and for me simply restarting my computer fixes it. But if yours is persistent, you might have to reinstall the driver.

Please, look at this:

Thank you so much, I did set the teredo tunneling to client and I had to end up uninstalling Norton antivirus since it had too much control with windows firewall (even turned off was an issue). I was reading some other place that this game only likes windows firewall. So went with the cheap version of AVG (free one) and the matches are working perfect. Just as good or not better than my xbox one.