Game Mechanics (DPs in particular)

Ok so I booted up my Xbox and yeah, you can “easily” tell the hit reaction of your character for TJ’s spin fist linker, with enough time to reliably break mediums and heavies. Also, the hits for the medium version were slightly faster than the heavy version, so there is another tell for this move.

So let’s change the example to Aria shotgun knee linker, which really doesn’t seem to have any distinguishing audio or visual tell on Aria’s side between medium and heavy (aside from a 3rd hit), and the hit reaction that plays for your character is a “low hit”, which is a different set of reactions. For Jago, being hit low by a medium and low by a heavy look very, very similar (I had to look at, like, the position of his elbow to tell the difference). Maybe for other characters this reaction is way more obvious, but I think this is pretty close to unreactable.

Just checking in guys. Glad to see constructive input on the topic. As I have mentioned I’m not the greatest at the game (stuck in Gold) and I do use variety when combo-ing. I dunno, maybe it’s just the players that get me with this are just that good at guess breaking linkers. Some pretty good, valid points made here. I think my main problem is that I almost always go for max damage when punishing people that like to DP. I have been working on toning that down a lot and for the most part has gone pretty well. It’s kind of a bad habit now that I look at it. I use mainly Glacius, Sadira, and Orchid when I play. Got some pretty good 20% combos that lead to good setups now so I can defend against this. Thanks again for the constructive criticism and feedback!!

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