Fun List : Name a few things that KI doesnt have that u wish it did

-Stages for those throat don’t have them
-KI2 Music in Practice
-Dojo for every character
-Online Practice
-More Customization (Colors, Skins, Costumes, Accessories, etc)
-Bigger Hitbox for Eclipse?

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Equal love for omen.

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Fully featured Training Mode, with Online capabilities! Wakeup and reversal recordings, especially. I hate to admit it, but the one thing SF5 did right is their lab. We need that technology.

And maybe some more work on the Dojo.

Interesting for the phones. But I would have preferred my girl as the one playable. It’s only fair. That and I don’t play games on my phone so I kinda lose out there.

Toggles! Lots of toggles! Pc performance toggles! Particle effect toggles! Blood toggles! Toggles for everyone!!!

And about 8 more stages currently: some for the homeless characters, and some for funsies.



All the toggles you mentioned, but the biggest thing in this regard I’d like to see is a way to disable the extra background animations that happen during an Ultra, for the sake of preload and optimization. I don’t even know if that’d be possible, but it’d be the next best thing to a playable Training Stage in my humble opinion.

A blood toggle and particle effect toggle would be great as well. Not cuz I’m against the blood or anything like that, but hitsparks are just fine and it’s one more little step to improve PC optimization.


Team battle
Character viewer like mkx.
Multiple costumes

Yeah the blood toggle for me wouldn’t be something I figure most people would use, but there are those few people… particularly KI players that interact with non KI players, like my brother’s family for example, that are like “Oh my gosh would you look at all the blood…clearly you shouldn’t be playing this in front of my kids…” :unamused: .
Plus, you know, one less thing for a weak PC to have to process.

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More accessory colors

Dynamic versions of classic KI songs

Third round of costumes (it already happening :slight_smile: )

KI gold gambling

Flesh out the other two one player modes to include the whole cast, At least just the Arcade(story) mode.


That too, that too. There’s nothing wrong w/ a little more accessibility, especially if the things that keep the game from being accessible to certain audiences isn’t actually a meaningful or essential element to begin with. If it’s just sprinkles, is anyone actually losing anything by being able to ask to leave the sprinkles off?


Shago may have one, but that doesn’t count. All ultimates or none.

Also @BolajiNigeria

We already have fireball battles and zooming out cameras, just walk forward and back to zoom and have a friend spam fireballs. Hell my brother and have them all time in Cinder V Glacius MUs

Rotating stages may not work though since in 1996 KI2 had sprites and ■■■■ as opposed being 3d models and 3d enviorments like in today’s KI. Trust me, you’ll be looking at Agano’s butt the entire time if knocks you around.

Jotaro Kujo playable character

I don’t care if NamCai has some kinda anime deal with Sony I want him dammit

Mod support
Combo trials
Mini games
Camera zoom-IN option (nice way of saying toggle)

And you get a toggle! And you get a toggle! And you get a toggle! And you get…



  1. 4K SLI Support for Nvidia GPUs
  2. Season 4
  3. High Quality Texture Packs for High End GPUs
  4. more ■■■■ maybe?
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  • Better Visuals
  • Stages for Each Character
  • Better Animations
  • Costumes
  • Color Customizer with ability to share Colors

The following are just Ranting’s of things I wish KI had

An Experienced Veteran Graphic Designer Hunching Over the Backs of the Devs
Kim Wu Visual Remake
Mira Gameplay Remake
Black Blood for Mira instead of Grey
Remove Flip Outs Causing 50/50’s
Lighting is still terrible
A bigger Budget

All in all, I actually haven’t played KI in months so I don’t know if any of this has been addressed. Played some Blazeblue and it had somethings I wish KI had.

Color creator

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What are 50/50’s?

  1. Season 4 (8 new characters, 12 new stages, ultimates, new costumes for everyone)
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