FINALLY a killer instinct XboxOne (Fan Made)

This would make a great Easter basket gift.

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I was ready to dip into the savings :frowning:

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I’m throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening…

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selling my old xbox one now! Aww… MS don’t trust in KI… :sob:

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Make it happen and I’m trading mine in for it. This can definitely be a thing after Season 3.

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Lool u make me laugh!!

Come on MS give it to us :blush:

The all new Killer Instinct Xbox One console. Don’t hesitate. Decapitate! Brought to you by Ultratech.


I love it!!!

Oh as an addition, it needs to have the Hype Beam sound on start-up

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Might have to cycle between choices.

HYPE beam


“Ultra tech” arias voice


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That would be pretty sick!

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@TempusChaoti will make all our dreams come true :heart_eyes:

can’t even lie. That is DOPE!!! :scream::grin::heart_eyes:

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I didn’t even really look at the design, I don’t care.

Just get rid of the rated t icon lol


Thanks MR!!! :smiley:

That’s dope

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I’d buy that right, freaking now if it was for sale!

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Take my money, my console, my body but gimmy That.

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LOL love it!

If only THIS is what we could’ve gotten if you pre ordered the Definitive Edition, instead of just having the controller skin only at GameStop…

(Granted the sticker itself looks alright, but this bundle right here would’ve been much cooler.)