Eyedol Story has hints for Shadow Lords future

So after ravenously consuming the bits of lore included on the absolutely fantastic Definitive Edition, I searched the forums and was surprised to find nothing about Eyedol’s expanded story section.

I can’t find a transcript, but it talks about how Eyedol fighting these “Chimera” at one point, which totally made me think they would be replacing Omens for his upcoming introduction to Shadow Lords. There is all kinds of interesting stuff, about how Eyedol was originally a mortal human being, who was made a Watcher by the Ichoriens, just like Tusk was. I gotta find the whole thing to link it here. Has anyone seen this? Sorry if I am freaking out, I am a huge fan of the work Noble Smith and Iron Galaxy are doing with this game, I cannot wait for what is next, with the comic, the mention of a possible novel on the DE videos, etc. I love this game so much! Will edit this post with the Eyedol info once I find it/copy it down.

The images were posted in another part of the forum:


But yeah, Eyedols story is pretty good for sure! IMO his story now is WAY better than it was before, and it ties in Tusk too!

But yeah, I’m interested in the Chimera too, wondering how/if they will play a part in S4, not to mention that just the mention of Chimera opens the door to so many other monsters.

yeah I would not be surprised if these Chimera are a new guardian or the bonus character. but overall eyedols story is by far the most rad.