Does online not work on pc

Sorry, I don’t trust people who can’t post a simple link and want to promote their Youtube channel madly instead of actually helping people. Anyway if you mean Teredo that’s perfectly fine for me according to the Xbox app, the issue is not there.

Thanks am not going to destroy my PC just to get this game to work when its the fault of the game and crappy windows store.

im not , i posted the steps , then people couldn’t do that , then i offered help then my post got removed because of the forum rules no exchange of information , so the only solution is to make a youtube video . its up to you man in the end .

Checked it: you’re talking about Teredo in the video. Thanks for baiting me to give you a view after I specifically stated that Teredo is not the issue!

Anyway Interna7ionale already posted the same solution so your presence is pointless.

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i’m not making money from youtube i didnt even verify my adsense account , i’m just trying to help , btw he posted my solution ,

@Sance231 do you live in Germany because they have a router named or from fritzbox and it has a teredo filter and it disables teredo once you launch the game , if you do have it or happen to have a smilar filter on your router , it should say teredo filter , then disable it and try

He simply quoted Chris4387’s post from the other topic which kinda proves that no, you don’t have to make a Youtube video to post a simple solution to a problem. I don’t want to go more off-topic so let’s focus on the problem instead.

Honestly I don’t think the problem mentioned in the OP can be fixed by any miraculous solution. Personally I never had this issue in any other game, I use a good firewall (tried the game even after completely turning it off: no difference) and I know the “rules” of the FGC so I’m not using a router, my internet connection is directly plugged into my PC, I went hardline for multiplayer a long-long time ago. There is nothing in my system that could obstruct the connection to the matchmaking servers, when it comes to online functionality the game clearly works apart from the matchmaking (I can check leaderboards, start in-game transactions etc.).

I think only IG can fix this.

Edit: Again: thanks for trying but Teredo works. I honestly can’t pinpoint the issue and that’s what worries me.

before even i was aware of the teredo problem i downloaded the game and launched it i was able to connect normally and i even got a match , just 1 match by some miracle none after that , it would take like 5-10 minutes then it would say couldnt connect to matchmaking servers sometimes it wont say anything it would go on forever . so i figured that was your issue . i honestly in agreement with other computer experts thinks that windows 10 doesn’t need a 3rd party firewalls or performance enhancers such as advanced system care , which can modify system files and services , windows 10 is great and i have been testing it way before it was even released . anyways i hope you good luck in solving this.

I’m using Norton Internet Security, it worked flawlessly so far. It’s useful to have a good antivirus + firewall. MS made some improvements in this regard but there is nothing in the OS that will stop you from getting viruses.

yes you do indeed need an antivirus but not a 3rd party firewall

Norton works really well with Windows and it’s an all-in-one solution. It’s better to let one application handle this stuff than to break it down to separate antivirus and firewall apps.

Eh, the game didn’t even work for the majority of day one. So much for the bleeding edge ‘play before you download everything’ technology. Haven’t seen this abomination being used ever since.

You would think since this is a windows 10 exclusive then microsoft would be able to send out a patch and fix this.

Goes to show you how horrible Windows 10 store is compare to steam

Since you’ve already posted this in multiple threads, this one is being closed.