Does Killer Instinct lore need balanced characters?

See, this is what you don’t understand.
If you play Bulma in a DBZ game and fight a Super Saiyan, and win… that does NOT affect Lore AT ALL! Why? Because it is NOT CANON! It is only canon if it happens in the actual lore-correct story of the game. But whatever happens in a match outside of the actual story does NOT affect the Lore in any way.


well all things considered the lores hinted that these characters will be having these changes in the first place if you look a their bios.

Plus with a number of the new tools some of these characters are getting it’s perhaps so they may ahve a chance against some of the upcoming S3 cast.

Ironically the DBZ games have major balance issues. You Can’t beat Super Saiyan with Freeza BUT if you choose one of his henchmen you can kick a Supers. Arse no problem.

But remember that TJ Combo is not just a “boxer with simply human strenght” anyome!
Now we know in his backstory that UltraTech have somehow “increase” his strenght by messing with his DNA
That explain why he so powerful to fight Fulgore or Cinder!

It depends. In the story the only reason tj knows that ultra tech changed his DNA is his new healing factor. We don’t know if it increases his strength or not.

Although for some reason I don’t mind tj being stronger than the average guy. Tj being stronger than balrog makes me smile. His average boxer dude is represented in his model more than his lore/moveset.

Although I’m surprised that tj instinct doesn’t passively heal him to tie in with his lore

It kind of does.

I’ve seen a Hercule take down a Super Saiyan Vegito.

It’s possible. XD

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Well not passively, but it does give him a lump sum of life after “death” so technically,

I main Sakura :cry:

I understand what you mean… weak characters by nature of their story are just weak in the game too. I do not feel the same as you though on rebalancing. I think it keeps the game interesting and less stale. You don’t have to relearn all that much in my opinion. Maybe some mechanics require a good deal of tweaking your strategy but for the most part I think it’s exciting.

yeah … kinda an impulse post I made … practicing new combos based on what changes are expected for my main.

a lot of fun in it … some bad, but bearable.

the flipouts and staggers looking forward to a lot though.

season 3 is gonna bring a whole new life to Killer Instinct, can’t wait