Damage difference between enders for the full cast

Ah also, for reference, eyedol’s instinct damage isn’t counted for the range because it kinda throws off the values for the rest of it, and isn’t really consistent, and…basically, just, ■■■■ eyedol’s instinct.


Missing Aria’s upload enders. I think they all do the same, but what is it?

I’ll check in a minute, just rolled out of bed.

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Thanks, mate!

Alright, added the values for those. I also upadated TJ’s to have the numbers for barrage/advantage ender.

Aria’s upload ender always does the same damage regardless of ender level, meaning it’s best to use in short combos. Interestingly, while the blade and booster uploads do 11 damage, the bass upload does 12. Of course, this damage difference is extremely small and would never have an impact on deciding which body to upload into.


I think this is worth going into Aria’s page in your guide.