Combo Assist Needs Work

Combo assist is apparently here to stay. As one who has put a lot of hours into learning how to do combos properly I find it annoying that people with zero of this skill are on par with me. I bet others feel the same, but I think I have a solution. Make the “Combo assist Disabled” setting do ten percent more damage. That will give people motivation to learn how to play the game how it was originally was meant to be played, and will give us veterans the edge we deserve for going old school.

Here is a problem. Veterans already have an edge. It is called experience. If Combo Assist makes them on par on you,you might need to work on some stuff like a better neutral game or combo breaking skills.

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This feedback could probably have been posted in one of the other CAM feedback threads.

Long story short though, the devs aren’t going to do this. There isn’t supposed to be any benefit to playing old school versus CAM. The system is designed to let anyone come into KI and do cool combos - it’s not about providing a benefit for more experienced players for playing the “right” way. If you’re more experienced/better at the game, you will more than likely destroy a CAM user from off the street. Not because you have incredible execution (as execution in KI isn’t hard in general), but because you make better decisions and play the breaker game better.

Not trying to be rude, but why not just stay in these threads you posted on, before creating a whole new one?

I’m confused. :confused:


It would be personally insulting to me if the game gave me a 10% damage bonus for that reason.

I’d literally feel like the developers would be slapping me in the face to infer I need any sort of buff or advantage just to deal with players who can do linkers and openers consistently.

CAM is fine. It does not need a counter-balance. Especially considering IG’s Season 3 changes to it.

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10% damage buff is far better and way more boken than you obviously think it is…

I hope you realize how big of a buff 10% is. Think about how Level 4 Shadow Enders would be.

A veteran wouldn’t need an edge against CAM, CAM doesn’t bring people anywhere near that level.

Looks like you already had the right idea by posting in the main thread regarding Combo Assist. Let’s keep the discussion in there, ok?