Can we get an option to not require diagonal motions for special move input?

The reason why it works for MK is because their game was built on the d,f motion they never really used QCF or QCB their motions were always simple that’s why it was easier to play using d pad for the MK series

I beg to differ. Think it depends on your comfort me I have a te 2 and I’m not comfortable playing with it I play better with a pad

Our system reads an input as the direction plus the directions to each side, so a down-forward input also puts a down and a forward input into the buffer. This is why you can do an uppercut this way. However, you have to truly hit at least two of the required inputs in sequence, so most people pushing DF are hitting down or forwards on a frame as well, which is why it works.

There’s filtering that takes place so that you don’t accidentally get unintended moves, like when you want to say dash or fireball vs. uppercut.

@TheKeits is the best one to really dive into this further.


Thanks for taking the time to reply to this thread, the input and info is appreciated.

So with the way the input system and it’s buffer is set-up it wouldn’t be possible to have a alternate option where for DF/DB motions the diagonal inputs (ie: Pressing both Down and Forward/Back on the same frame) are optional? Say something along the lines of if you input D>F + P and have less than 6 frames between both motion inputs the game would register it as a full D>DF>F + P motion and give you the special move instead of the normal?

A down then forward input motion implemented would help. Quite a few times I would get down then forward on my pad and not get my special.

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So @TheKeits any chance you can further expand on Adam’s response regarding the feasibility or having the option to not require the diagonal motion for DF/DB moves?

There isnt much else to say. The game really isn’t built for that, and adding that option would require a massive amount of re-testing everything in the game to hunt any new bugs it might cause.

I personally don’t feel that tapping down, releasing, and then tapping forward is any mechanically easier than tapping down and rolling to forward through down+forward.

Nearly every action game asks you to learn some wacky input combinations. Lots of adventure games and shooters have you swinging from a rope while aiming and shooting, using 2 to 3 buttons and 2 analog sticks all at once in some magical finger gymnastics performance. I don’t believe that anything you are asked to do in normal gameplay in KI is even remotely unreasonable, or even remotely difficult at all. Just play, have fun, keep trying, and like all things, you’ll improve and figure it out.

So beyond it not being easy at all to add to the game, I don’t personally see a need for it.


Alright, that’s a shame but understandable. I get the technical complexity of adding such a system in, but even though with practice it can be circumvented it is something that would help new players better pull off their special moves.

From what I’ve noticed it’s more specifically a problem with the Xb1 D-pad where it clicks easily at the edges but hitting the corners for two directions at once is harder, so even when people roll their thumbs they don’t always hit those diagonal inputs. At least with the PC release people will be able to use their own preferred input devices and so that might make things easier.

Thanks for chiming in on the topic though! :slightly_smiling:

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Given what I’ve briefly skimmed of this thread, I think I’ve figured out why people find those motions difficult - they use their thumbs. I Personally have two fingers one on each button so my index on down and my middle finger on back for example. This allows you to quickly flick from one finger to the other instead of doing weird roles etc.

Have you tried changing your input method to factor in that you’re using your thumbs?

I personally managed to consistently get DF/DB motion special moves, though it is a little harder on the D-pad since I have to more consciously place my thumb in the middle and press harder to get the diagonal to register. From your comment I’m not sure if we’re not understanding each other or you actually mean to use both a thumb and finger on the D-pad at the same time.

Does this actually work? This is news to me o.o

coming back to this, could we get a toggle for df(mkx style)? switching from mk to ki and having to use more force than I should to get my quarter circles and sometimes getting nothing angers me. I’m sure it’s just the x1 pad but it’s all I have

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If you can’t do a quarter circle I think you might need a thumb transplant. I mean really, all you do is slide your finger from down to left, there is no complicated inputs to mess up. What’s next, single button ultra combos?

I guess more options are better but I really don’t understand where the part comes in where that is to complex. Even with an SNES, PS1, Dreamcast or any other inferior d-pad a quarter circle is literally as easy as it gets.

I have been playing fighting games forever. i can do it and it’s not complex. It’s mostly with arbiter that I have this problem but it has been apparent. If nrs can input this feature why can’t IG? I can understand if it’s my pad because it needs a bit more push than usual but I want to at least hope for this feature to be implemented

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Just scroll up through this thread for the dev responses to this question - I believe both Adam and Keits have responded.

I don’t know much about video game design but is putting in the toggle so hard? if bugs arise they could fix a few or just turn the other way. I would at least like to see if it works

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